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This machine code has commands for processor to fulfill. These commands also written in the special computer language called “Assembler”. All…
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How will professional organizations play a role in your professional life
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IT in the Modern Life DeVry This paper was prepared for CEIS-100 taught by Project Week #: 7
IT in the Modern Life
Computer input devices:
Video and webcamera.
Output devices:
Hard drive
Storage devices:
Hard drive;
Portable mass storage devices like flesh disks;
Computer memory;
Various SD, SSD, etc. storage devices.
It is very small device, integrated in a PC to maintain arithmetic, logical and managing tasks described in the machine code. This machine code has commands for processor to fulfill. These commands also written in the special computer language called “Assembler”. All applications, which are written should be “Assembled”, in other words, translated on the computer language. There are many household products can have microprocessor. For instance, microwaves, electric clocks with some special effects like timers, alarms.
Then we can speak about processors in calculators, production machines, microcontrollers, which are more powerful than simple household processors. More powerful processors are used in the mobile phones, cameras to process the various types of signals, playing of multimedia. We think that fridges, gas cooker, iron, etc. devices will have much developed microprocessor to process various tasks.
People’s desire to make all processes automatically done, force people to use various processors-integrated devices, for instance, processor in the microwave can decide how to heat products, and in the future processors will automatically cook dishes, almost without the people’s intervention. We should underline that professional organizations assist their members in finding their jobs, or offer them job listings and they help members to find their job. And I think that in my professional life it will be the start of my career.
Professional Organizations
We know that after the study process we do not have enough experience to present good job and professional organization can help with mentoring.. And it can be considered as the cornerstone of our professional life, as professional organization can give the worker ability to gain experience from other much experienced workers from the same field. Professional organization can also offer professional development through the courses, publications, workshops, and they can have some special information available only for website members (Anderson, 2012).
They can send necessary information to the worker to know new industry trends, and will help in dealing with them. We can also underline special annual conferences aimed on the networking. This is a good opportunity to mix with others workers who for long time work in field. Moreover, such conferences can be a job fair, where one can make contacts with the future boss (Anderson, 2012).
Anderson, L. (n.d.). 5 Reasons Professional Organizations are Worth Joining. Retrieved February 23, 2015, from Read More
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