Community Empowerment and Motivation to Healthcare in an Acute Care Setting - Essay Example

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This paper discusses community empowerment and motivation to healthcare in an acute care setting as a need for care provision and ensuring well being of patients. It also explains potential benefits of the author`s participation in a professional organization …
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Community Empowerment and Motivation to Healthcare in an Acute Care Setting
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Motivation Introduction Motivation, a factor into action, is important in achieving objectives in any practice, including acute care setting in whichboth care personnel and beneficiaries needs to take initiatives to ensure well being of patients. This paper discusses community empowerment and motivation to healthcare in an acute care setting as a need in care provision. It also explains potential benefits of my participation in a professional organization.
Community empowerment and motivation to healthcare in an acute care setting
Community empowerment involves developing potentials in a community towards achieving an objective or solution to a problem. Motivation however involves triggering interest for application of developed potentials. Health care based empowerment and motivation within communities therefore involves facilitating self-reliance in improving health standards through prevention of diseases and infections without direct involvement of care personnel. This aids self care that, according to World Health Organization, is people’s potential, at either personal or communal level, to improve health standards, “prevent disease, and maintain health, and cope with illness and disability” without input from care personnel (Barlow, n.d., p. 1). Such empowerment and motivation is essential in the scope of acute care that majorly involves injuries and injury related complications such as central nervous system and cerebrovascular accident complications, and “respiratory diseases,” “head injury,” “hermorrhage,” (Asha, 2013, p. 1).
Community empowerment and motivation is an essential need that requires attention in acute care because of its preventive measure and its importance in providing emergency care in absence of care personnel. Its involved awareness and development of strengths for care initiatives ensures communities’ ability prevent need for acute care and ability to meet arising heath care needs. Consequently, the need ensures a healthy society regardless of scarcity of health care facilities and personnel. It also means that community empowerment and motivation will relieve pressure from care facilities and promote efficiency in acute care services (See, 2007).
How my participation in a professional organization could be beneficial in effecting change in an acute care setting
My developed knowledge from the Doctor of Nursing Practice has diversified potentials to contribute to a nursing professional organization. My most significant contribution could be in the field of nursing research in which I could investigate aspects of self-care in acute care setting. My research could explore people’s behavior and actions, and their possible effects on health. I could also investigate people’s relationships with their environments and how such relationships can be used to protect or save lives. Together with developed theories in nursing, I could formulate locally applicable strategies for self-care (Aacn, 2006). Research findings from my participation could therefore contribute to evidence based practice in acute care. Consequently, my participation would promote intervention and awareness among members of the community and enhance people’s well being through self-care (Brownson, Ballew, Brown, Elliot, Joshu, Heath and Kreuter, 2007).
Community development and motivation to healthcare in an acute environment involves developing potentials among members of a community towards self-care and is important in improving people’s quality of life. I could participate in a professional body by conducting research towards community empowerment and motivation strategies to contribute to evidence based practice.
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