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The aim of the essay “The Delivery of Patient Care by Meditech” is to discuss the work of Meditech, which provides rich information based on various care facilities.  This is the nature of the website as it is tasked with the collation of data across health facilities…
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The Delivery of Patient Care by Meditech
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Meditech I agree with what Ms. Lisa Simmons wrote because Meditech provides rich information based on various care facilities. This is the nature ofthe website as it is tasked with the collation of data across health facilities in order to provide supporting data for patients (Miller and Sim, 2004). With the assistance of the website, the work of nurses and other health professionals is eased and is made faster because they can access the data they need through the website, analyze it, and transmit additional information to help support the patient database (Miller and Sim, 2004).
The delivery of patient care is very much dependent on the information gathered on patients. Using Meditech is therefore a valuable addition to the current health practice (Wedel,, 2007). Patient care is carried out by various health professionals, each with their own notes and orders for the patient. For nurses and doctors administering care for the patient, the importance of accessing such notes and orders with the assistance of Meditech cannot be overstated (Wedel,, 2007).
The ease of accessing laboratory values, radiology results as well as doctors’ notes is ensured by Meditech. By allowing easy access to these data, the nurses and doctors would have more time allocated to other more important tasks (Wedel,, 2007). Moreover, they can access the data anytime and anywhere in the hospital facility, negating the need for accessing computers in nurses’ stations.
The coordination of information is also less tedious because the nurses or doctors do not have to personally consult with the radiologist in order to get results of tests; moreover, they do not also have to take up too much time with the radiology department or with the medical technicians by securing the results of diagnostic tests personally (Starfield and Shi, 2002). Time is an important commodity in the health care setting because of the issues with limited staff and significant patient admissions, often more than hospitals can handle efficiently (Starfield and Shi, 2002). Sparing any time for health professionals is therefore an important addition to the efficient delivery of health services. In effect, the use of Meditech is a welcome addition to the health care practice.
The importance of Meditech in prevention of allergic reactions and potential reactions is also highlighted (Wedel,, 2007). Allergic reactions are often a major issue among patients and for health professionals, having immediate access to such pertinent patient data is crucial to the efficient delivery of health care services. There are significant health issues and setbacks to the patient’s health which allergic reactions can produce (Grol and Grimshaw, 2003). In some cases, allergic reactions can even cause major reactions including death. Other potential reactions can also be seen through drug interactions which Meditech can compile and detect, allowing health professionals to make the necessary adjustments in health care in order to ensure safe administration of medications (Wedel,, 2007).
Laboratory values can also be noted by Meditech and these values can help provide health professionals with signs which they can detect contraindications for some medications (Wedel,, 2007). The traditional patient health records are not as efficient in providing pertinent data for health professionals because they would have to read the charts in order to detect such pertinent information about the patient. Meditech helps provide health professionals with the pertinent patient details they can use to immediately diagnose the patient, treat him, and assess the essential information which they would need in order to carry out functions as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, or even as dietitians (Wedel,, 2007). Efficiency is therefore a strong and crucial function of the Meditech and in the end, this is an important step towards achieving improved patient outcomes.
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