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Name Professor Module Date Assessment for CIPD Strategic Human Resource Management Workshop INTRODUCTION In the recent past, Saudi Arabia has begun to set high standards in all aspects to do with national healthcare systems. The King Faisal Medical City in the Southern Region is just one of the modern medical institutions that have earned the admiration of nations all over the world…
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HR Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages The King Faisal Medical City is just one of the elements in the plan of the Saudi government to structure world-class healthcare institutions all through the kingdom. PESTEL Analysis The King Faisal Medical City has hospitals that specialize in neurology, cardiology, rehabilitation, oncology, and ophthalmology. These hospitals have a capacity of more than 1000 beds. The city also has other social institutions like mosques, retail outlets, apartments and a hotel within the King Faisal Medical City. The main aim for concentrating such modern healthcare facilities in one region was to try and facilitate for the de-institutionalization of healthcare by availing family and patient-centred healthcare delivery options to the public. The King Faisal Medical City, which is based in Saudi Arabia’s Southern Province, is a 262,836-square-meter medical city. There are different external factors that affect the manner in which operations within it take place. Political Review Even though it is a recognized fact that the Middle East is an area that tends to be politically unstable, the nation of Saudi Arabia does not usually have many incidents of political instability because of its authoritarian government. The nation also holds approximately 25% of the world’s total supply of oil reserves. This means that not only is the nation well able to structure and plan for modern medical facilities for its population, the existence of its reserves in oil also encourages other nations to push for stability in the nation even when many of its neighbours are embroiled in conflicts. Saudi Arabia’s political stability has encouraged health-related organizations in developed nations to invest in it. Economic Competitive Review Saudi Arabia’s economy, propelled forward by its oil reserves, has been instrumental in the transformation of all of the nation’s different sectors- among which is the healthcare sector. Today, Saudi Arabia’s economy is ranked as one of the most competitive ones in the international arena (AlFaris, Abdulgader, and Alkhenizan, 431). It pharmaceutical market has been witnessing double digit growth on an annual basis since half a decade ago (Al Juhani and Kishk, 167). This is quite an impressive and attractive platform for foreign health-based corporations which are looking to invest in a vibrant market. According to Almalki, Fitzgerald, and Clark, Saudi Arabia, along with other nations such as Russia, China, Brazil, and India, present the best markets for health based companies (Almalki, Fitzgerald, and Clark, 1481). Socio-Cultural Review The Saudi Arabian healthcare sector is mostly reliant on expatriate medical personnel to fill vacancies for medical practitioners such as nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. Being probably the most conservative culture in the world, Saudi Arabia’s nationals may not be able to take over many of these vacancies because of existing cultural prohibitions that bar them from engaging in some medical practices. The reality of foreign workers taking over the majority of jobs in Saudi Arabia’s medical sector means that the overall culture is constantly being exposed to different changes from foreigners. Technological review The majority of local Saudi firms do not have the technology required to create products such as are required to effect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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