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1. Choose one topic from your philosophy. 2. Discuss this topic in relation to your own field of Nursing and one other field of Nursing - Essay Example

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Hygiene can also be identified as a set of practices thatare associated with, or help in the preservation of health. Hygiene recommendations and requirements will vary under different…
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1. Choose one topic from your philosophy. 2. Discuss this topic in relation to your own field of Nursing and one other field of Nursing
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Extract of sample "1. Choose one topic from your philosophy. 2. Discuss this topic in relation to your own field of Nursing and one other field of Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages This is becausehygienecontrols the multiplication and spread of organisms that cause diseasesin everyday life settings. There are different types of hygiene that are essential in the preservation of health, for example, hand hygiene. This is the most common societal form of hygiene. It is also referred to as hand washing and health experts recommend the washing of hands with a hand sanitizer such as soap. Hand hygiene is essential in preventing the spread of diseases in everyday life because the hands come in to contact with many things, such as unclean surfaces, and for this reason, it so happens that hands are more prone to transferring bacteria that will cause diseases. Other forms of hygiene may include food hygiene, laundry hygiene, and personal hygiene among many others.
Inthefield of medicine, hygiene is summed up in to medical hygiene. This refers tothe practices which regulate the administration of medicine and medical care. The main agenda of medical hygiene is to minimize the spread of diseases or even to prevent diseases from spreading. For example, if there are or is a patient who has been diagnosed or is showing symptoms of a particular infectious disease, then the prudent medical hygiene procedure that should be followed is isolation. The medical term used for isolation is quarantine. Hand hygiene is also pertinent to medical hygiene. Medical practitionersrequired to wash their hands before handling a patient. Thisrequirement is emphasized more when one is about to enter an operating room but the role that hand hygiene plays in the general hospital or health care setting cannot be overlooked because some bacteria that spread diseases are easily transmittable. In the 20th century, an outbreak of a number of highly infectious and deadly diseases was experienced. One such disease was Ebola. The rate of transmission of these viruses necessitated the tightening of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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1. Choose One Topic from Your Philosophy. 2. Discuss This Topic in Essay.
“1. Choose One Topic from Your Philosophy. 2. Discuss This Topic in Essay”, n.d.
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