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Making Food Healthy and Safe for Children - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Making Food Healthy and Safe for Children” will explore the problem of food contamination and the effectiveness of food contamination prevention systems. Food safety management is one of the areas that guarantee that the food industry operates smoothly…
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Making Food Healthy and Safe for Children
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Download file to see previous pages For example, the addition of broken glass pieces and metal filings can get inside food without changing it, but the contaminants can injure the consumer of the food when swallowed (Stranks, 2007, p. 141). The second major threat is that of transferring microbes into the food. For example, flies carry microbes and transfer it to food using their hairy feet. Rodents and insects are also known to destroy the surfaces of food, for example, vegetables and fruits, by creating openings that could allow the entry of microbes. The entry of insects and rodents could also leave their fragments and parts inside the food, causing contamination. Chemical contamination often starts with the prevention of other pests and insects using chemical pesticides. The insecticides that contaminate food and food products are those aimed at increasing crop production by reducing insect infestation (Stranks, 2007, p. 141). Microbial contaminants, unlike chemical and physical contaminants, change the food itself and present health hazards to the consumers of the food. After the undesired changes take place inside the food, it is considered spoilt. The characteristics of spoilt food include changes in flavor, appearance, texture, and odor.
The controls put in place to prevent food contamination are built around standards of hygiene during storage, handling, and preparation of food. The controls include that the spread of viruses and bacteria can be prevented through practicing personal hygiene, keeping utensils clean and cleaning work surfaces thoroughly. The controls related to cleaning include hand washing after visiting the toilet; before preparing food, after handling raw food, after touching pets. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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