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To Avoid Gaining Weight, Students Should Eat Healthy - Essay Example

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To Avoid Gaining Weight, Students Should Eat Healthy Problem: The human race in the era of adolescent is difficult to manage, handle and taken care of. Their nature, traits and sense of judging and captivating world around them is magnified and sometimes get positive and at times is negative at all…
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To Avoid Gaining Weight, Students Should Eat Healthy
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"To Avoid Gaining Weight, Students Should Eat Healthy"

Download file to see previous pages This essay touches one of the most disturbing problem among contemporary students and the youth at all. It tells about the reasons and consequences of gaining weight. We all know that we should eat healthy, as much as we know how difficult it is now, when our lives are so fast that all we have lest is eating fast food as well. This paper contains the problem in particular, the proposal, counter argument and the justification....
The fast food is rich with calories, carbohydrates, fatty material and very low in nutrition. So as a result of its consumption, students get obese, ill and sick, addicted and use to suffer many chronic diseases. A recent research has proved that junk or fast food can be a reason for mental disorders and mental problems (Robert 2006). The diet which is low in nutrients and high in calories or fatty material ends up in the mental disorders and many diseases link to human brain. And junk or fast food/ unhealthy diet can increase the likelihood of depression to 60 -80%. Junk food such as pizza, French fries, petty / zinger burgers contain so much saturated fats and are the cause of the people to put on weight tremendously, which in turn cause heart diseases, high cholesterol, sugar, and many other chronic diseases that will put an end to their lives. To avoid such habits among the students race, many measures can be taken. (Assuming the scenario) I will conduct a survey of students in the FAST-NU University from primary data collection. The food place for the fulfillment of their desire for food is their only cafeteria they have in their university vicinity. The cafe holds most of the junk food with high calories, high carbohydrates with very low nutrition in them. They have burgers, French fries, patties, pastries, butter cup cakes, chocolate and cream cupcakes, pizza, rolls, carbonated drinks etc and only one nutritious item chapatti and gravy. Now it is a big platform for the students to consume those unhealthy items in large number and as a result get obese and fall into above describes diseases. My survey consisted of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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