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Problem Intervention Outcome in Hospital Sphere - Essay Example

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the reporter states that hospital-acquired is an infection or HAI is a kind of infection whose development is actually favored by the environment prevailing within the hospital. It can either be acquired by the patients as well as the hospital staff too if proper care is not undertaken by the hospital…
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Problem Intervention Outcome in Hospital Sphere
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Extract of sample "Problem Intervention Outcome in Hospital Sphere"

Download file to see previous pages As such the overall incidence of the HAI is relatively large and can become a significant cause of deaths if hospitals fail to actually implement effective hygiene controls within the hospitals.
Hand washing is considered as the single most important prevention which can ensure that this infection is reduced and controlled. Frequent hand washing before and after making contacts with the patients is one of the critical steps which should be properly implemented in order to ensure that hospital-acquired infections are reduced.
This change proposal will exactly provide a step by step change proposal to implement handwashing in healthcare workers. Through this change proposal, higher management will be pursued to implement this step by step plan in order to implement this change. Management will be requested to actually provide resources as well as the necessary support to implement the changes at the healthcare worker level to ensure reduction in infection.
This plan will outline as to how the hospital can actually implement the process of frequently washing hands by the hospital staff in order to reduce the hospital-acquired infection. As discussed above, almost 2 million patients are affected by HAI and one of the single most important precautions which can be implemented in order to reduce the impact of the same.
Healthcare workers do not put much effort and focus on frequently washing their hand before and after they come into contact with the patients and other things. Since hospitals have relatively higher risk of acquiring this infection due to different reasons therefore it is critically important that the healthcare workers must follow strict practice of washing their hands.
Currently, though this practice is followed but is not implemented properly and many healthcare workers avoid washing their hands properly. This lackluster practice can increase the HAI in our hospital and hence the overall mortality rates can be higher.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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