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Effectiveness Of Occupational Therapy In Palliative Care - Research Paper Example

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The writer of the paper "Effectiveness Of Occupational Therapy In Palliative Care" discusses how palliative care can provide some learning outcomes and have immense benefit to client groups with life-limiting conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and HIV…
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Effectiveness Of Occupational Therapy In Palliative Care
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Download file to see previous pages Life-limiting conditions might create such concerns and fears among patients, thus leading to a lack of social intercourse and communication. Such patients also display stressed conditions. The occupational therapist has been called upon to identify, diagnose and devise treatment plans in conformance with modern hospice environments that demand a greater degree of professionalism and an equally great amount of practical experience (Thomson, 2000). The underlying assumptions point towards a formidable palliative care regime. Such palliative care regimes have come up in response to otherwise demanding patient care environments. In other words, identified client groups such as those with life-limiting conditions need to be classified under much stricter palliative care concepts rather than institutional dispensations.
There are two different ways in which those participants in the client group are selected. Random selection can be adopted as a better method which would enable the students randomly participates in the process. Secondly non-random selection can be adopted in order to obtain a particular point of view of the participants. Subject to the above criteria the adolescence of the client group will be involved in explorations and studies to find out ways and means to improve the existing occupational standards and performance. In this respect, the following reasons for the members’ participation must be noted.
Potential members of the client group would be required to serve as participants in therapeutic sessions. Designing and planning processes would enhance the occupational therapist’s contribution to the development of both the process of treatment and engagement. This would be of immense help in the future because there would be many positive outcomes with the client group’s participation in occupational therapy sessions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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