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Mental health and social work BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Session 3 1. Discuss the major influences on the historical development of mental health law and policy. The influence of 17th Century reasoning played a large role in current mental health law and policy…
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Mental Health and Social Work
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Download file to see previous pages It showed an increase in wisdom and scientific knowledge about treatment options and diagnoses. 2. Critically evaluate trends in current law and policy. It is the non-discriminatory trends in current law, such as the Mental Health National Service Framework, that has positively changed the nature of mental health treatment. It shows a societal change in which there is more knowledge about the root causes of mental disorders and provides a non-prejudicial environment to support mental health treatment and the rights of the individual suffering these diseases. The most distinct differences in current policy is the ability of multiple agencies and caregivers to work inter-dependently in order to ensure that fair diagnoses are provided as well as fair and impartial treatment; as well as access to mental health services. The current laws show distinctly how society is evolving in a way that supports proper care and non-discrimination which is necessary for effective treatment. 3. In your own words, prepare a discussion on the major themes in the government guidance, (Modernizing the Care Programmed Approach) and its implications for practice. It is again, the lack of social exclusion, that is most effective in the new government guidance pertaining to the Modernizing Care Programmed Approach. The government recognizes its own limitations in current policy as well as those facilities coordinated to improve mental health care, which shows that the government is realistic about mental health conditions and wishes to improve through the development of appropriate policy and funding. The government’s recognition of suicide, as one example, associated commonly with mental health is also afforded new opportunities with 24-hour access to mental health providers and systems. This has given the government a much more visible and concerned presence that furthers the approaches taken to help people facing a variety of mental health problems. The implications for practice are improved funding, more resources, and an inter-dependent system of care professionals with varying and diverse backgrounds and skills levels. 4. Present a brief discussion on the tension between (care and control) in current legislation and guidance. Some of the tensions are created by media portrayal of mental health that complicates new government actions associated with proper mental health care. Media is a significant barrier when misconceptions run high about mental health patients that can provide the NHS and other facilities negative publicity. There also seems to be a disconnect between proper diagnoses and the government’s view of risk assessment. There is not a single model that drives risk assessment, especially considering how many agencies are involved in today’s risk analysis process, that creates tension between government, the patient and the caregiver. There is far too much bureaucracy in risk analysis that conflicts rapid response to mental health patients. Session 4 1. Identify and discuss the major influences on the development of Community Mental Health Teams. Hospital closures were a significant influence that required a restructuring of systems designed to provide care. It brought mental health back to the community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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