Aboriginal Community Health and Well-Being - Essay Example

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From scholarly research, Aboriginal means the first known, or the earliest to come into existence. First used in Italy and Greece, it symbolized the native communities and the old residents, not the newcomers and intruders…
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Aboriginal Community Health and Well-Being
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Download file to see previous pages Several regions of the world have aboriginals like Australia and Canada (Hazlehurst, 1995). Just like other communities, aboriginal has controlled health organizations whose duty is to ensure the delivery of holistic and culturally appropriate health care. Worth noting, aboriginal community health represents not only the physical well-being, but also cultural, social and emotional as well (Eckersley et. al. 2001). However, analysts believe that the trend of rearing aboriginals has changed drastically since today many of them are reared without their cultural believes. Through this provision, individuals achieve full potential ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of their community. Section A, Question 1. Poor health is a biological manifestation of inequality among the Aboriginal in Canada. In this community, health and medical beliefs are social and spiritual. Aboriginal community in Canada experience poor health outcomes, which reflects on their knowledge about biological health. Diseases such as chronic disease, accidental disease, post neonatal mortality, and mental illness are common in Aboriginal reserves (Waldram, et.al., 2006). For example, health report in 1999 alludes that Aboriginal living in the reserves recorded the highest number of suicide. Further, aboriginals in the reserves have high percentage of diabetes and other attacks. The above health figures support the argument of Physician Paul Farmer. Inequality refers to non-uniform distribution of essential needs in the society. For instance, non-uniform health care policies influence the distribution and administration of healthcare in the society. Non-uniform social and legal policies influence social status of individuals in the community. Social factors contribute to health inequality in aboriginal community. Emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental dimensions of Aboriginal health among children and youths indicate that social determinants contribute to inequality in health. Social determinants that influence health fall under the following categories distal (e.g. political, historical, economical and social context), proximal (e.g. social and physical environment, health behaviors), and intermediate (e.g. resources, community infrastructure, capacities and systems) (Waldram et.al. 2006). Social determinants affect health behaviours, health vulnerability and capacity, and health management. Due to the many imbalances of life and need for healing such problems, sweat lodge is used extensively to assist since it occurs in the mind, spirit, emotions, and the body as well. Further, social determinants would influence circumstances that contribute to alleviation of health problems. For example, aboriginals who lead a low-income life experience diseases and illnesses. Like other communities, they are entitled to medication. However, in the provision of the medication, the healers are not regulated by an institution or law, but rather unwritten ethical standards of practise and community support. This in turn reflects to the social status, which links inadequate opportunities to raise income to good health. Inadequate employment opportunity influence income of an individual, which further contributes to poverty level in the society. In essence, poverty is a factor that contributes to health condition of the community. Fighting poverty or developing ways of fighting poverty contributes to health improvement in the society (Hazlehurst, 1995). Researchers in health argue that social factors contribute to the health inequality of the Aboriginals. Socio political factors in Canada are major factors that contribute to health inequality among the Aboriginal communities (White, et. al. 2003). Historically, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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