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TQM in Hospitals and Healthcare organizations - Essay Example

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In most developing countries, the most important objective for National Health systems is ensuring the safety of their patients and improving quality. Many health care organizations are expected to increase the level of quality controls and improvement strategies but these…
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TQM in Hospitals and Healthcare organizations
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"TQM in Hospitals and Healthcare organizations"

Download file to see previous pages very critical to the quality of health care, public expectations have also been one of the main reasons in increasing health care quality .There are diverse strategies and multiple approaches to improve the safety and the quality of services. (John, 2003)
Health Care Industries require optimal quality levels as it provides vital services and is usually measured with various indicators such as mortality rates, rate of medical errors, avoidable injuries to patients etc. (Fawziah S Balghonaim, 2009) There has been a momentous interest in the application of Total quality management and Continuous quality improvement (TQM and CQI) in many of the Health Care Organizations in the recent past. (Colleen, 2003) Implementations of TQM have been in high demand in many organizations and have also been made compulsory in others to face both internal and external challenges. TQM implementation will also help the public and private health Organizations to achieve good quality health services and also compete globally. (Fawziah S Balghonaim, 2009)
Quality Management is very essential in all companies especially in the health care industry due to the type and nature of service rendered. Quality in this sector consists of customer quality of life, services rendered and patient satisfaction. (Fawziah S Balghonaim, 2009)There are 3 TQM principles identified by Hill and Wilkinson (1995) which are,
Total quality management is viewed as the best way to implement rapid improvement in the process. TQM has become critical and mandatory as there is high level of competition between health sector organizations and increase in demand for high quality services. It helps in providing customer satisfaction and also achieving the desired outcomes for these hospitals. Implementation of TQM involves all the levels of management. It involves all the staff, employees, doctors and nurses in the health care organization and it covers all the activities. Top level involvement and continuous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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