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Developing an Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Results Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Developing an Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Results For the success of any project, implementation of the recommendations and solutions derived after thorough research into the subject is the key…
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Developing an Evalution Plan and Disseminating Results
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Download file to see previous pages But overcoming these hurdles will always give the satisfaction these changes usher in. Thus, it can be safely sound applying the above concept in the case of CHF patients whose major issue is non-compliance to physicians and preventive treatments that becomes a major stumbling block in combating this fatal disease. So formulating an implementation program to give the best care and medical treatment to such chf patients become imperative with active co-operation from all quarters involved. The role of organizations, medical experts, doctors, nurses, family and society in general has to be defined clearly and with clarity so that it can take a smooth course. Some of the ways to implement successful means to achieve this objective is discussed below. This major hurdle in efficient management of Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome and Time (PICOT) occurs mainly due to lack of awareness and noncompliance by patients of the physician’s instructions and medical regimen. ...
nt in overcoming the maladies of non-compliance which itself is shaping into a dangerous disease, and how the medical community and society with its healthcare professionals can overcome the laxity of expertise into the subject experienced, leading to improvisation. Therefore the proper course of action is by implementing the much wanted changes. First and foremost priority has to be given in seeking ways for identifying the signs and symptoms associated with the chf syndrome, and after much deliberation it was safely concluded that facilitating a checklist which clearly specifies the signs and symptoms will go a long way to eradicate the trust deficit faced by patients and cause non-compliance as suggested in the article “Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure: Are You Asking the Right Questions?” (Albert, 2012). The results indicated that this methodology boosts the confidence of patients, shedding their reluctant attitudes and raising the compliance level to a better degree Hence it would facilitate for appropriate decisions by care providers for a better overall outcome. “The checklist format prompted patients to report all signs and symptoms they were experiencing, rather than only those they thought were related to heart failure” (Albert et al. 2010). Various cause for non compliance which include factors like demographic indicators, the regimens of medication like side effects or the complexity associated with them, psychological problems, social and family attitudes as well as their concepts about self esteem becomes serious impediments in effectively combating the disease. In this scenario, there is a high relevance for compliance related interventions. The study, stresses the importance of this vital aspect. Here the findings suggest that educating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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