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Developing an evaluation plan - Essay Example

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Developing an Evaluation Plan and Disseminating Evidence Developing an Evaluation Plan The implementation plan aims at influencing positively the overall delivery of care, that is, use exercise in the best way possible to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease…
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Developing an evaluation plan
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Download file to see previous pages The survey will be done on the nurses before and after the initiation of the change as indicated; their perceptions and attitudes will be particularly studied. The perceptions and the attitudes of the patients will be also be surveyed. Another method that will be used to evaluate the plan is to compare the probability of cardiovascular risk among individuals who exercise and those who do not based on their age and gender. Variables to be used include staff perceptions and attitudes, and patient perceptions and attitudes. The tools that will be used to educate the project participants and assess the project outcomes include questionnaires, PowerPoint slides, surveys, teaching materials, posters, activity log and handouts. Survey uses a collection of predetermined questions concerning particular topics (in this case, exercise and the risk of cardiovascular disease) that the target audience answers. Activity log utilizes staff report of daily activities (Zarinpoush, 2006). Survey as an evaluation tool will especially be used for its ease of use and capacity to evaluate people’s attitudes toward the proposed propject. The survey will particularly be used to evaluate nurses and patients attitudes toward the proposed project. ...
Based on the results, the necessary changes will be instituted. Disseminating Evidence Effective dissemination can be described as a way in which the recipients are engaged in a process such as one which requires increased awareness, commitment, action, and understanding. The most common ways of disseminating evidence include websites, direct mail, and newsletters. In this case, the evidence will be disseminated using methods such as websites, newsletters, reports, e-mail, workshops, briefings, and conferences. A briefing can permit the implementation plan manager to summarize the project’s work and update the stakeholders of its progress. The website permits easy access to the information concerning the project and can be easily updated. However, it is important that the target audience be informed of the presence of the project on the website so that they can gain interest to visit the site. Once the site has been accessed by the stakeholders, it is important to ensure that they constantly visit the site for more information (Harmsworth and Turpin, 2000). Conferences can disseminate the evidence very well but they can be time-consuming and costly if they are not planned well. Thus, it is important to plan early in advance for the conference. Unlike conferences, workshops usually target smaller groups of participants and they entail a higher or active level of engagement with the target audience (Harmsworth and Turpin, 2000). In a nutshell, dissemination of the evidence will be done using conferences, workshops, reports, emails, newsletters, briefings and websites. It is important to mention that the target audience (nurses and other stakeholders) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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