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Leadership in nursing practice - Essay Example

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Luna and Majali share their experiences of running a nursing programme in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In their experiences, they identified important elements of the Saudi society and the health sector.
“Like most countries in the world, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia…
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Leadership in nursing practice
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Download file to see previous pages Due to the differences in the Saudi people and the nursing/hospital staff, the Saudi government has come up with requirements for expatriate nurses. The important requirements for nurses working in Saudi Arabia include:
Due to these requirements and other demands placed on the nursing staff of Saudi Arabia, there are various systems and structures in the Saudi care setting. These requirements are very different from what exists in other countries, particularly Western nations. As such, a nurse in Saudi Arabia has an obligation to adjust to meet the requirements of the Saudi society.
This paper examines the relationship between management/leadership theories and the actual running of a tertiary neonatal unit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It involves an evidence based practice approach to examine how a major health facilities can be ran in relation to dominant concepts and theories of management and leadership in the nursing profession.
The research explores the impact of the Saudi governments policy, inter-professional practice and leadership requirements on the role of nursing in Saudi Arabia. The paper concludes with recommendations for future practice in the region.
According to Wilson et al (2009), a tertiary level facility is usually one that provides education of medical students and serves about 10 million people in a given geographical area. Such tertiary level facilities co-ordinate with primary level facilities and take up serious cases. In a neo-natal facility of such a hospital, intensive care services are available for mothers and their babies.
Nursing in such a facility comes with different requirements. There is a larger scope of work. As such, there is the chance for more severe cases to be reported to such facilities. Also, the scope of human relations in such an institution is generally meant to be more than it exists in other smaller hospitals.
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Leadership in Nursing Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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