Discuss Your Concerns About Delegation and Your Responsibility and Liability Regarding Delegation - Assignment Example

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Organizational Structure Lesson 2.1 Discussion Forum Name Institution Tutor Date Organizational Structure The teaching hospital evaluated by Jan has a centralized organizational structure. A centralized structure is one where communication and all decisions come from, and go to, one person, who is usually at the top of the hierarchy…
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Discuss Your Concerns About Delegation and Your Responsibility and Liability Regarding Delegation
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Download file to see previous pages The charge nurse also provides information to physicians within the organization. A centralized structure has few sources of information and communication in its hierarchical system. The charge nurse has been mandated to provide information for physicians as well as clinical nurses (Yoder-Wise & Patricia, 2010). In a centralized structure, most decisions are made by the hospital chief executive or the head of the nursing home. The hospital has a hierarchical model of administration, and every worker has a clear definition of his/her duties and responsibilities. Information flow in the hospital follows a top-bottom structure, that is, from the top executive down to the clinical nurses (Marquis & Huston, 2006). One manager or head nurse can be in charge of different departments. Staff nurses are not included in major decision-making processes or the implementation process. It takes centralized structures a long period of time to respond to emergency activities due to high bureaucracy levels in the hospital. In a decentralized structure, decisions are made at different organizational levels. Hospital workers are consulted before major decisions affecting their departments are made, and they are involved in the implementation process. ...
rses in a decentralized organization are involved in decision-making processes, and this increases their job responsibilities, leading to job satisfaction. This improves staff nurses’ moral responsibilities and decision-making capabilities. Decentralization empowers staff nurses and physicians to formulate their unit level work plans, policies, and procedures. Middle level hospital managers are responsible for decision-making, and this improves their morale (Finkelmann, 2006). Information flows faster in a decentralized organization due to the reduced bureaucracy levels, which, in turn, are caused by the existence of informal communication networks. The head nurse or nursing director is relieved of some decision-making responsibilities and assumes a supervisory role. Middle managers’ other nurses experience professional growth due to increased responsibilities entrusted to them. They are in charge of goal evaluation, policy recommendation, institute work improvement, and determining staff schedule. The expertise of staff nurses is utilized during decision-making and change implementation, which is a form of empowerment and encourages professional growth (Daly, Speedy, & Jackson, 2003). Centralized structures give nursing directors and top executives greater control over the organization, since they make major decisions in the hospital. The responsibilities of every manager in the organization are clearly defined, which provides high levels of accountability. Hospital employees have limited responsibilities, since they are not involved in decision-making activities and change implementation processes. Change implementation is the responsibility of a selected team of nurses, which gives them complete control and authority over the process. Information flow in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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