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The author of the essay "Open system theory in nursing" touches upon the open system theory in nursing. Thus, according to the author of the text, the open system is a theory that seeks to explain the dynamics involved in the running of an organization…
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Open System Theory in Nursing
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Application of Open System Theory in Nursing of the The open system is a theory that seeks to explain the dynamics involved in the running of an organization. This system proposes that an organization is stratified into distinct subgroups that are related. According to Johnson & Webber, organizations using this theory have a strong relation with the environment unlike those that adopt a closed system approach (2010). This theory is applicable in many organizations including the nursing case study.
In the case study, there is a system which is broken down into interrelated subsystems. Moreover, various environmental aspects are highlighted. The system in the case study is the hospital and the subsystems are the various departments. These departments include: “dietary service, admissions, billing, utilisation review, environmental service unit and the epidemiology & infection control service unit” (Johnson & Webber, 2010). Though there are various environmental parameters mentioned, the most significant is the MRSA infection. Other environmental factors are the patient (Mrs. Campbell), patient’s family & friends, hospital personnel, hospital equipment and supplies utilised by various departments for the management of the patient.
Various associations exist between the environment and the systems outlined. After the patient acquires a MRSA infection, various departments have to make some amendments in the way they operate. Isolation of the patient profoundly affects the admissions, dietary, billing and utilisation review departments involved in the management of the patient. These departments have to alter the patients records and management so as to comply with the new change of the environment i.e. MRSA infection (Johnson & Webber, 2010). In addition, there is the improvement in the overall services offered to the patient in terms of hiring of a consultant and acquisition of equipment. Moreover, it is mandatory for the patient’s visitors and health care providers to wear protective clothing in the presence of the patient. From the case study, an increase in the severity of the environmental factors leads to a bolder response by the system and the subsystems. Strict measures are thus applied if the condition of a patient deteriorates.
From the case study, Mr Michaels, Mrs Courts and other health service providers are justifiable in the way that they react to the situation of the MRSA patient. Their reasoning is aims at restricting the transmission of the MRSA and improving the patient’s quality of life while remaining accountable. This is observed through measures of quarantine and the use of protective gear and sterilisation in the presence of the patient to both visitors and health care providers. Accountability is achieved by contacting various departments that are involved in the patient management so as to make the necessary adjustments in the diet and logistics concerning the patient.
From the case study, similarities are observed between the reasoning behind the management of the patient and the open system theory. In both instances, there exists a system that is subdivided into subsystems that are interdependent. Moreover, there is an environment that influences how the system and subsystems operate.

Johnson, B. M., & Webber, P. B. (2010). An introduction to theory and reasoning in nursing
(3rd ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Read More
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Open System Theory in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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