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In what ways can interprofessional working improve the quality of the health care - Essay Example

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The primary aim of interprofessional collaboration in health is caring for the patient and upholding his/her rights. The patient or client is…
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In what ways can interprofessional working improve the quality of the health care
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Extract of sample "In what ways can interprofessional working improve the quality of the health care"

Download file to see previous pages When accredited, the professional is recognised as having expertise to the particular field, such as in the medical profession, and is bound by a code of ethics.
Set against the backdrop of the twenty-first century, with all the globalisation and information technology (IT) complexities – which can be turned into helpful aids instead of barriers – collaboration is seen as a powerful force by public and private sectors in service delivery especially in the health sector.
The health care profession is challenged by various sectors in society to deliver quality care. The NHS Plan requires more interprofessional working as a result of demands from discriminating public and demanding patients. (Leathard, 2003, p. 69)
The NHS Plan demands more time or flexibility in working which is to the patient’s interests. Ethical standards have to be explained further since the patient has to have trust to the physician who, because of his/her knowledge in the profession, is at an advantage over the patient who needs to understand his/her health situation. Distrust has developed between the medical profession and the general public, particularly the individuals needing care.
Promoting interprofessional working between government and private agencies requires a whole lot of political will and backing. For example, the government has seen and made it clear that there is a national imperative for an interprofessional knowledge sharing programmes of health and social care providers (Department of Health, 2001 cited in Spence, 2007, p. 121). Along this line of policies should be a series of legislation and activities by the government to promote interprofessional collaboration. The mental health care professions need this political backing but interprofessional working is seen as passing along various barriers.
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