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Health science and medicine: Inter- professional collaboration - Assignment Example

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Health science and medicine: Inter-professional collaboration ‘….working alone with no regular exchanges of experience for mutual improvement can no longer be considered professionally satisfactory’. Working in a team enables the professions to solve ‘complex health problems that cannot be adequately dealt with by one profession alone’…
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Health science and medicine: Inter- professional collaboration
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Extract of sample "Health science and medicine: Inter- professional collaboration"

Download file to see previous pages Inter-professional collaboration within the field of health and social care has assumed rapid significance over the years, and has received greater impetus from the Government in its bid to modernize healthcare programs offered to the public, in the 21st century, and to improve and encourage better partnerships among various agencies. The key motive behind encouraging inter-professional collaboration within the healthcare and social services field is to rationalize the resources in a manner that enables improved co-ordination, integration and merging of services, organizations as well as health and social care professionals, to offer better services to the public. Such a 'merger' of key services within the field of healthcare is perceived to be highly beneficial for the society since it offers the administration an opportunity to overcome the drawbacks in the individual systems by enhanced collaboration and partnerships across the health care sector (Loxley, 1997; Hudson, 2002). This paper on inter-professional collaboration aims to discuss the various key strategies developed to strengthen inter-professional working within the current UK health and social services sector, and includes a critical review of the strategies so developed, their significance as well as their overall impact. Meaning: The term inter-professional collaboration has been used to describe the collaboration / association of health and social care professionals. In the U.S., it is referred to as inter-disciplinary health care whereby a team of healthcare professionals from diverse fields of expertise collaborate to provide health care to patients (Farrell et al., 2001). In the UK however, the term is used to refer to the interaction between professionals from health and social care sectors, who share a common goal - that of working together to provide ease of access to key health care services to the public (Beattie, 1994). Strategies developed to strengthen inter-professional collaboration within UK health and social care: The National Service Framework in the UK for primary care, introduced a series of initiatives to address the issues related to provision of primary health care to the general public (DH, 2000a). The key objective of the NHS behind the implementation and adoption of such a strategy was to ensure provision of better services through enhanced co-ordination among health and social care professionals, especially considering the heightened need for a holistic patient care in the current environment (DH, 2002). Furthermore, the need for bringing about a change in the current practices was highlighted, since it has been the fundamental principle of primary health care in the UK. The Department of Health also highlighted the benefits of interprofessional collaboration in the field of health care due to its ability to ensure enhanced innovation in service provision and patient care, particularly with regard to management of chronic diseases and self-care (DH, 2002f). Considering the immense benefits of such an approach, various strategies were developed and implemented to ensure increased interprofessional collaboration between health care and social service professionals. The same are discussed in brief, as follows: Reorganization and re-configuration of workforce: The government introduced a novel strategy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Science and Medicine: Inter- Professional Collaboration Assignment.
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