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The Dynamics of Inter-Professional Relationships - Essay Example

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This paper under the title "The Dynamics of Inter-Professional Relationships" investigates the issue of certain professions in which the professional working in the working environment does not need to directly interact with the customer or the people they wish to benefit. …
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The Dynamics of Inter-Professional Relationships
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Extract of sample "The Dynamics of Inter-Professional Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages In these types of professions, there is a strictly one-on-one relationship. That is to say, one consumer is dealt with by one professional, and that consumer is not directly concerned with the other professionals in that particular workplace. Another example of professions, however, is one where an entire set is expected to cater to the needs of one person, as a collective and collaborative team effort. The most prime example of this is any profession related to the medical sector, be it a doctor, a physiotherapist, or most importantly a nurse. In these sort of professions, inter-professional relationships are extremely important to consider and in fact can be the key to successful collaboration and would, therefore, have a direct impact on the comfort and satisfaction of the patient.
This begs the questions of what exactly inter-professional working is. Loosely defined, the concept of various professionals working together towards the care of one particular patient is referred to as inter-professional working. More specifically, the definition of inter-professional working, as defined by Waddingtion (2007) is …care which involves professionals from different disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. nursing, social work, medicine and physiotherapy) working together more effectively, often in teams, to improve the quality of care provided to individuals, families and communities. In other words, inter-professional working involves professionals collaborating to work together more effectively to improve the quality of patient care. Although the practice is age-old in specialized fields such as the medical field, official recognition of the term and a deeper study into the development of these inter-professional relationships began after an NHS developed research study in 2000. Official education being imparted to develop inter-professional relationships and the effect on a patient's care were examined and methods were researched on making these relationships more effective towards a patient's benefit.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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