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Lack of resources is known to be one of the challenges facing advocacy in nursing, they are troubled by the fact that limited resources prevent them from conducting public relations campaigns to raise their profile and increase their public credibility.
According to Lundy &…
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Challenges facing advocacy in nursing
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Challenges facing advocacy in Nursing Challenges facing advocacy in nursing Lack of resources is known to be one of the challenges facing advocacy in nursing, they are troubled by the fact that limited resources prevent them from conducting public relations campaigns to raise their profile and increase their public credibility.
According to Lundy & Janes (2009 P.440), the nursing profession has not yet recognized the full potential of collective political activity. Nurses must exert their collective influence and make their concerns known to policy makers before they can have a major impact on political and legislative outcomes.
Reluctance is also a factor to nursing advocacy; nurses are in most cases reluctant to become politically involved. They have failed to attain a strong legislative voice. Legislators and policy have been seen to be more willing to deal with nurses as a group rather than as individuals; thus supporting and joining professional organizations.
In addition nurse’s professional organizations generally espouse standards of care that are higher than those required by the law thus voluntary controls are often forerunners of legal controls as explained by Marquis & Huston (2008 P.89) . They should let the media know when their portrayals of nurses are inaccurate or in other words insulting.
Negative picture portrayed of the Nursing profession; the nurses should fight and ensure they bring out a positive picture of their profession to others rather than just a misinterpretation. Advocacy in nursing wont succeed if a negative side of them is out their in the public, they should speak positively.
Lack of media coverage is also a factor to advocacy in nursing; Nurses represent a majority number of healthcare professionals and yet they only account for a smaller portion of the quotations in health coverage by news media.
Constello et al (2010 P.240) argues that, lack of appreciation from the public is of the challenges facing Nurses advocacy. There are many virtues and qualities that most nurses hold. These include clinical expertise and sharp assessment skills but in return, they do not get full appreciation from the public.
Hudak et al (2008 P.130) attributes quality compensation Patient safety as posing challenge to nursing advocacy; enlightening and educating nurses about what to expect and how to cope with changes imposed by sources as Medicare thus they can learn how to advocate themselves as professionals so that a crisis can be avoided and meet the needs of aging population.
Readmission of patients is also a challenge faced by nurses as they try to advocate. Thus, they should reduce the number of revolving door patients. Nurses are expected to become supreme educators and enlighten patients and their family members to adopt the assumption of self-care. They should help translate to tremendous increase in the number of patients seeking care in a system that is already challenged.
According to Blue & Ivanov (2001 P.140), the healthcare crisis is also considered to be a challenge in Nurses advocacy. They should help maintain the skyrocketing cost of medical care through employment of cost saving issues. Nurses should learn about comparing cost effectiveness of various products in the health care facility. Nurses can contribute conquering the healthcare crisis through apply proper management skills and submitting vouchers.
Dochterman & Grace (2001) states that, the current issues and upcoming pandemics such as the H1N1 are also considered a challenge in the process of nursing advocacy. In situations like these Nurses will be expected to take the lead on being vaccinated against the virus and in educating the public in how to control and prevent the spread. Nurses are also faced with the risks of infection by germs and other diseases suffered by the patients thus hindering their need for advocacy.
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