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Since I was younger, I always had fascination and interest in health care professionals, particularly nurses who seem to have a selfless commitment towards the…
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Personal Statement ( Can be assigned by the writter)
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prepared PERSONAL MENT I. What motivates you to pursue nursing as a profession? If there is such thing as a calling, I would say that the nursing and health care profession is the one for me. Since I was younger, I always had fascination and interest in health care professionals, particularly nurses who seem to have a selfless commitment towards the patients. I knew in my heart that I wanted to be like them.
When I took a Nursing Assistant course, my interest in the field grew stronger. It seems to me that I can feel great fulfillment in extending assistance to the sick, and being helpful to doctors and medical practitioners. Each day that I learned new things, I understood more how the nursing profession is a dynamic one, always changing with new researches and technologies. Learning doesn’t stop when you think it already does. This is exactly what motivates me to pursue a bachelor’s degree and further training in Nursing and Health Care.
II. Given the rigor of this program, what plans have you made to ensure your success?
For me, time management is my key to success. I have already set my mind on attaining a bachelor’s degree, and to me, there is absolutely nothing that would hold me back from this dream. What I can do is to instill a sense of priority for the things that I need to do. It would be challenging to juggle work with my studies, but with time management, I would be able to allot a particular time for each responsibility so that I would not end up spreading myself to thin.
I have also enlisted the support of my family and close friends, to assist me in everything else that may arise. On a personal note, there are things that need to wait for a while, and I am happy that my family understands that getting a bachelor’s degree is my short term goal for now. They understand as well that a flourishing and successful career in nursing is my long-term goal.
III. Describe how your leadership, service, and volunteer experiences will contribute to the nursing profession.
My professional journey started in to 2009. As my first job being a Nurse Assistant, it was a baptism of fire of some sorts. Every beginner has a story of hits and misses, but the best thing about the experience is that I have learned so much, enough for me to sustain the job and become eligible for my next one at Victoria Court Assisting Living.
Everything I had to learn, I learned during my first two years of work experience. More than the skills, I have learned to become my own lookout; to set standards and carefully work to achieve those standards. I absorbed all information I needed to learn. I took tips from people who have been in the profession way more than me. While everyone was committed to assist me acquire the skills, I knew that at the end of the day, I had to rely on myself to bring out the best in me.
Being in a huge team that entails a lot of teamwork, I was able to develop a sense of leadership. As I was empowered to make appropriate decisions, I learned to feel responsible for the choices that I made, not only in the workplace but on a personal level. Being a nurse entails you to have sharp deciding skills because you have a job to keep lives. I feel that I have embodied the essence of being a true health care provider with the abundant support from my colleagues and the enriching experiences that my job has given me. Read More
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