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In this quantitative study, the authors aimed to explore and quantify the degree by which terminal cancer patients preferred wither conservative palliative measures (CPM) or active and aggressive medical management (AAMM) in their end-of-life care. The study was conducted as…
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Literature Research and PICO Question
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, the authors argued that ascertaining the wishes or choices of the patient for their care is a fundamental requirement in establishing an effective care plan.
The study found that around 42% of the 380 participants with advanced cancer preferred palliative care of a more conservative nature, with the said percentage of patients actually choosing only one or two modes of treatment. Still, in addition to this preference, the authors also looked at what demographic characteristics predict the possibility of a choice between CPM and AAMM. Maida, et al. (2010) found that younger, non-Caucasian cancer patients who have with them substitute decision makers (SDM) are more likely to prefer more aggressive means of coping with the disease condition.
This study was chosen as a significant literature because it aimed to quantify the characteristics and preferences of patients with their end-of-life care. By doing so, the study provides a rich background for the PIO question exploring which could be more effective in providing comfort at the end of life, CPM or AAMM, as perceived by the patients themselves.
Rose, J. H., O’Toole, E. E., Dawson, N. V., Lawrence, R., Gurley, D., Thomas, C., et al. (2004). Perspectives, Preferences, Care Practices, and Outcomes Among Older and Middle-Aged Patients With Late-Stage Cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 22 (24), 4907-4917.
Much like the earlier study by Maida, et al. (2010), this research aimed to look into the preferences of terminal cancer patients in their care at the end of life. However, this study took a more qualitative approach, actually exploring the preferences for the care of the patients, and the degree by which these preferences were perceived to have provided comfort to the patient before their death. By utilizing a more in-depth exploration of the perceived effectiveness of different palliative methods, the researchers were able to point out which methods were most effective in promoting comfort ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Research and PICO Question Annotated Bibliography.
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