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Retention Strategies for Nurse Retirees - Essay Example

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In the essay “Retention Strategies for Nurse Retirees” the author analyzes a shortage of nurses in the USA. There has been a change in both supply and demand for nurses. The need for experienced nurses is compounded as the baby boomers require more care…
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Retention Strategies for Nurse Retirees
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Extract of sample "Retention Strategies for Nurse Retirees"

Download file to see previous pages A more experienced nurse is in a better position to handle the needs of such patients. A multidisciplinary hospital like ours can derive benefits from the experience of such nurses. They can be used as senior educators, mentors or shapers of a new generation of outstanding nurses (RWJF, 2006). Thus, to utilize the services of the older nurses, the hospital must consider retraining for these nurses apart from discouraging policies that allow for an early exit from the profession. There should be no negative attitudes towards the aging workforce or their capabilities and lifelong learning should be encouraged.
Mentoring is a concept that is used by all businesses and involves a mentor and a protégé engaged in a long-term relationship (NLN, 2006). Individuals who experience mentor-protégé relationship advance faster in their career and earn higher salaries at an early age. The new recruits at the hospital often feel a lack of support and recognition by colleagues but collaboration with others helps them to overcome this feeling of isolation. A personalized supportive relationship has positive outcomes for both the mentor and the mentee. The new faculty member learns community norms as well as the skills, strategies, and practices of teaching. If the role of a mentor is assigned to those that are about to retire, they would benefit from a mentoring relationship as they enter new roles in an academic setting. Through their experience, it would be easier for them to identify potential leaders in nursing and nursing education. They will be in a better position to cultivate a relationship in the best of interest of all concerned which includes the hospital, the mentor and the nurse herself. The mentor gets an opportunity to share her/his wisdom, knowledge and experience. The mentor also derives satisfaction from mentoring/guiding others in attaining self-clarity while also developing his/her own skills.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Retention Strategies for Nurse Retirees Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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