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Nutritional Values of Meals Provided By Day Nurseries To 3-5year Children - Essay Example

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This paper talks that infant years is the most challenging and crucial part of human existence due to the increasing demands of modernisation, parents are often incapacitated in providing the parental care and attention their children requires at this crucial period. …
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Nutritional Values of Meals Provided By Day Nurseries To 3-5year Children
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the primary source of data for this research shall be information gathered from interviews conducted and visits to several local day care centres. The operators and workers of different nurseries will be interviewed for the types of and content of meals provided to children. By comparing the food quality of different day care centres and also the food quality of the nurseries with the recommended daily allowance of vital nutrients, inferences can be drawn about the nutritional value of meals provided by nurseries. On ethical grounds, approval for the study shall first be sought from the relevant Institutional Review Boards. Confidentiality will be assured and personal information will not be collected.
The data collated from the interviews and visits to the sampled nurseries will be analysed qualitatively to ascertain the nutritional values of meals provided in different day care centres, whether this is sufficient and if there is a relationship between the type of day care centre and the nutritional value of the meals provided.
This study is very important, as it will establish the sufficiency or otherwise of the proliferating day care centres in adequately nurturing the young population of this country entrusted to their care. It shall also seek to establish if there is any link between type of day care centre and the quality of care they provide, this information will greatly aid parents in choosing the best nursery for the children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nutritional Values of Meals Provided By Day Nurseries To 3-5year Essay.
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