The learning environment in regards to general nursing students - Essay Example

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Professional nursing is an art and applied science. It is essential to create high-achieving learning environments for nursing students, where the most advanced curriculum and instruction techniques combine to support learning…
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The learning environment in regards to general nursing students
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Download file to see previous pages Teaching and learning is a dynamic, collaborative, reciprocal life-long process of growth arising from interaction between teacher and the student. Teaching faculty is responsible for guiding learning activities, which create an environment that is conducive to learning and valuing of self as a basis for caring for others among the nursing students. In addition, they provide opportunities to practice skills, and offer positive reinforcement as motivation for learning. As a diverse group of scholars, both the teaching faculty and the students interact with the environment bringing a variety of orientation influenced by factors such as previous experience, lifestyles, and desires for achievement. Recognizing these differences it is essential to provide opportunities to validate prior learning. In this context it becomes essential that instructional strategies should be designed to respond to individual differences. As the nursing students actively participate in the teaching- learning process, they become more independent, self-directed, and creative in meeting their learning needs. Critical thinking and self-evaluation are integral elements in the teaching – learning process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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