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Title Due date Leadership and service improvement Nursing, as many people may fail to realize is a hectic job much as it is very helpful and productive. Nurses usually have to put in long working hours every day and this can be very tiresome and therefore draining…
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Leadership and service improvement
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Download file to see previous pages We have adopted a QCC drive to carry out the function of patient observations for the first 24 hours of their admission at intervals of four hours each. Thereafter the nurses are required to apply their professional intellect and decide how often the patients need observation. My unit decided that eight-hour-intervals would be quite appropriate for patient observations for the next forty eight hours of their admission. All our patient observations go into the database to enable the Trust note when we complete them on time and when we fail to as well. Failure of which, a fine is charged on all the nurses by the QCC. My unit and I decided that our first patient observations during the initial twenty four hours which are to be done at eight-hour intervals would be at 6:00 hours and 14:00 hours respectively. As for the latter patient observations at four-hour intervals, we agreed upon 6:00 hours, 10:00 hours, 14:00 hours, 18:00 hours, 22:00 hours and 2:00 hours in that order. The rest of the hours are appropriate but for 6:00 hours, which is undoubtedly a challenge. First off, the patients do need their rest. Waking them up at 6:00 hours in the morning for their routine observations certainly does not help this aspect of their recovery. The daily routine at the National Health Service commences at 7:00 hours. ...
My master plan is mainly focused on the leadership problems we have at the facility. It is my belief that most of the shortcomings we experience at the work area are as a result of poor leadership, which in turn leads to poor formation of plans and hence failure. Therefore I intend to address this issue and offer a better approach to the leadership and management of the ward. It is important that a leader first have that position, but if you want to become a real leader, you have to qualify for that position before your followers will really look up to you as their leader (Bacher, 272). Leadership is something that must be earned. For the purpose of ensuring the success of my service improvement plan I ha handle the leadership issue at my work are.ve a couple of leadership styles and theories that I believe would be appropriate for solving the leadership problem at my work area. Different types of organizations or species are needed in different types of environments (Farmer, 256). Transactional leadership Transactional can also be referred to as managerial leadership. It mainly deals with the task of supervising, organizing and group performance. Assumptions of transactional leadership For people to work y and efficiently and give their best performance, there needs to be a definite and obvious chain of command. The things that motivate workers the most are when they are promised a reward or threatened with a punishment. The workers are usually keen on following orders of the leader. The workers are supposed to be monitored so as to ensure that they are doing as expected. Application of transactional leadership Transactional leadership simply operates as an exchange ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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