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Leadership and Management for Service Improvement Name: Institution: LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOR SERVICE IMPROVEMENT Introduction To push the idea of DN referrals, we formed a group of five individuals. When the group came together for the first time, the task was allocated…
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Leadership and Management for Service Improvement
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Download file to see previous pages This stage of our group formation had been lagging for a while before I emerged as a facilitative leader. When this stage passed, our relationships became more harmonious with agreed upon values and rules of operation. Each member began to take responsibility, as they understood their other team members, with the group leader taking a back seat to proceedings. As the group leader, I think I took up a democratic style of leadership. These types of leaders make decisions at the final stage but include the other team members in the process of decision-making (Gillam, 2011: p65). While I took care of coordinating the team and their work delivery, I allowed them to carry out their research without giving instructions. However, whatever went into the report was finally decided upon by me, with any additional material needed communicated to the team member responsible. The benefits of this sort of leadership are numerous. The team members got job satisfaction since they all participated in drafting the final assignment. This style also helped to develop their research skills. The members of the team felt that they controlled the destiny of their assignment marks thus felt more motivated to do their best (Hartley & John, 2010: p26). However, since participation by all members takes time, the decision-making process was slow. Coulin’s absence caused the assignment’s timeline to stretch. ...
Overall, this leadership style made me feel in charge although giving everyone a chance to give their opinion brought on some conflict. During the initial stages of the holiday, my inability to access the University’s homepage on my computer proved to be a hindrance. It actually raised a storm with some of the members when I told them that I had not handed in the assignment because of this problem. In the future, it would be better if this sort of assignments were held face to face rather than online since team members are generally least interested in the assignment over the internet. It is possible that some had multiple pages on their computer screens and were multi-task during teamwork (Muller et al, 2006: p9). The team’s five-team members could be fitted into at least five Belbin’s team roles (Gold et al, 2010: p15). Ken could be considered a resource investigator, as he was enthusiastic, extroverted, and communicative. He explored the different sources of information that we had and, through his contacts in the library, was able to get more information sources. Stacy was the implementer, as she was efficient, conservative, reliable, and disciplined. Danny was the shaper, given her dynamic and challenging nature. She never lacks the courage and drive to overcome obstacles. I acted as the leader and doubled up as the coordinator. My confidence and maturity cut me out of this, in addition with my clear goals, promotion of decision-making and proper job delegation. Finally, Coulin was supposed to be the plant, especially given her unorthodox, imaginative, and creative mind. However, she was rarely available and brought about a lot of frustration for the other team members. On the days when she showed up for meetings, though, she was very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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