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Health Management - Essay Example

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Health Management Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 A Broad View to Leadership Training Programmes 4 Consultant Psychiatrist’s Point of View towards Leadership Qualities 5 Effects of Leadership and Its Relation with Human Psychology 6 Effectiveness of Offsite Training in Healthcare Organisations 13 Limitations to Leadership Training in Healthcare Organisations 14 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introduction From a modernistic point of view, in accord to the changes occurring in the external environment, the role of consultant psychologists is also witnessed to be altering at a rapid pace…
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Health Management
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Download file to see previous pages In relation with this, it has been noticed that several organisations including the health care organisations have introduced leadership training facilities which intend to develop leadership qualities among the consulting psychiatrists. However, as per the statement presented by Raelin (2003), “Most leadership training that is being conducted off?site is ill?advised because the intent of most of this training is to put leadership into people, such that they can transform themselves and their organisations on their return”. Based on this statement, it can be argued that most of the programmes of leadership training that are being conducted by the corporate off-sites, such as in the healthcare divisions are considered to be ill-advised (Raelin, 2003). The objective of this paper is to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the off-site leadership programmes that are conducted by the organisations, especially those related with healthcare service rendering activities such as that of consulting psychiatrists. In this regards, the discussion henceforth will intend to examine the aforementioned statement connoted by Raelin (2003) considering the point of view of a psychiatrist. A Broad View to Leadership Training Programmes Leadership training requirements were initially noticed by corporate entities and therefore a significant degree of impression can be identified in the approaches which apparently exhibit the interests of such concerns. The corporate business organisations have been noticed to expend billions of dollars per annum on the training programmes conducted to enhance leadership skills amid professionals. However, with the passing time, leadership approaches conducted by these business entities became to be extensively indulged with human psychology and human responses. Rather than the sole motive to direct or rather instruct the subordinates, the role of leaders extended to identify the rudiments of a particular individual’s psychological framework and thereby motivate the individuals toward the attainment of a particular objective (Durose, 2011). From a consultant psychiatrist’s point of view, it becomes apparent that the philosophy of leadership training, in the modern day context, essentially deals with building up human relations focusing more over intrinsic motivation rather than suppressing the subordinates with external instructions (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2012). However, with such broad perspective, it is quite likely that the implementations of leadership training programmes, concerning the enhancement of individual leadership skills can emerge to be a challenging task. As from the consultant psychologist’s point view, it is indeed a tough task to identify the psychological order of an individual’s thinking and likewise, maximise their potentialities to develop as leaders along with expanding the capacity of those individuals to serve the community at large (Alimo-Metcalfe, 2010). This particular aspect can be directly related with the argument made by Raelin (2003) that leadership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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