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  Service Improvement Initiative Name: Tutor: Course: Date:       Service Improvement Initiative Details of Service Improvement Project/Activity I intend to develop short notes which contain an explanation on the precise amounts of consumable fluids contained in a number of jugs and cups given to patients…
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Service Improvement Initiative
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Download file to see previous pages The observation and information gathering process was focused on information such as various quantities in various containers and coming up with the short-notes on the guide. In addition, a period of four months was taken for the project trial using prototype short-notes which were followed by regular nurses meetings to discuss and monitor its progress. Resources Used Past and present fluid balance charts are essential in carrying out an audit to assess the effectiveness and in aiding better documentation. There was also the use of a measuring scale to determine the correct quantities in the containers. In addition, there was the utilization of excel application to generate the table used to enter the data for ease of comparison and analysis. Finally, there was the utilization of colour printer and laminating machines to print and prepare robust short notes. Who Was Involved The people who were involved include nurses and the entire team of healthcare professional assistants as well as other members from multi-professional field like the registrars, dieticians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Outcome/ Evaluation The fluid balance charts illustrate a better documentation of the fluid information. ...
Finally, I intend to broadcast this idea for all healthcare workers. Introduction Haematology entails studying the blood, blood diseases, and the organs which form blood. Haematology also entails the study of diagnosis, prognosis, etiology, prevention, and treatment, and prognosis of blood diseases which affect the making of blood and its elements, for example, blood proteins, haemoglobin, blood cells, and the mechanism of coagulation (Nathan, Orkin, Ginsburg & Look 2003, p. 12). Health expert’s daily responsibility largely entails the treatment and care of patients suffering from haematological diseases (Department of Health 2007, p. 31). Fluid care is essential for people suffering from haematological diseases. Fluid management helps in the reinstatement of circulating volume and adequate management of blood element replacement. Also, haematopathologists and haematologists usually work together to develop a diagnosis and provide the most adequate therapy if required. This paper will look at a service improvement initiative within the haematology ward (Chin 2008, p. 54). The paper will examine a service improvement initiative that I hope will be helpful for patients in the haematology ward. This point of view was initially highlighted when talking about my pledge with my mentor. My pledge is to always keep my patients hydrated. In addition, the conversation assisted me to develop a strategy utilizing the NOLAN technique, PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) so as to facilitate the service improvement. The paper will go on to evaluate a number of theoretical aspects including change Management, accountability and responsibility, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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