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Find 2 peer reviewed articles that discuss hospital acquired infections as a patient care problem that effects the financial man - Essay Example

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Prevention and Control of Hospital-acquired infections By Jim McCarter Audience: Common People Summary Proper hand hygiene by health care workers is one of the most effective ways of preventing Hospital Acquired Infections. Hardly any hospital escapes the event of an epidemic ulcer originating and manifesting within hospital premises halting all operations in its vicinity…
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Find 2 peer reviewed articles that discuss hospital acquired infections as a patient care problem that effects the financial man
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Download file to see previous pages Such infections can also grow after the patient leaves the hospital, provided the patient spends time in incubation period at the time of discharge. Hygiene plays a crucial role in defeating HAIs and hand washing is the most effective tool in preventing them. According to a study a hospital audit revealed only 27% compliance of correct hand washing guidelines among nurses and 29% among physicians. If this situation can be improved there can be significant success in preventing HAIs. Analysis of the nurse’s role in relationship to this problem The role of nurses is as important as the doctors. Other than providing facilities for better hygiene in nurses educating them is such an important tool that it can hardly be ignored. The study reveals that through staff education and support in a hospital, hand hygiene compliance monitored in nurses increased from 48% to 64%. The same measurement was even more prominent in doctors as it showed an increase from 0% to 30%. The recommendation given fits perfectly well with the frame of study. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care should in work in conjunction with Local Health Integration Networks and make hand washing and hygiene compliance a part of its public reporting requirements. ...
It is also recommended that Ministries educational materials should be developed specifically for nurses by keeping in mind their problems and priorities. Preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections By Lorri Downs Audience: Common People Summary Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections or HAIs still remains one of the most crucial issues in healthcare facilities. It is statistically proven that almost every health care facility is aware of the fact 40% of all HAIs are urinary tract infections. The problem itself has been discussed frequently but its evidence based solutions are rarely discussed. The CMS reimbursement changes did highlight the issue. Health care professionals dealt with the mandate that they either eliminate certain HAIs or lose Medicare reimbursement dollars. Hand hygiene is the most effective method for preventing HAI however, there still isn’t 100% compliance worldwide. On average, the compliance is only around 40%. The biggest constraint that doctors and nurses reportedly face is time and for this reason, they don’t perform correct antisepsis. The constraint is evident when nurses use soap and water to clean their hands. Time can be considerably reduced by using alcohol based hand washing solutions. A concentration of 80 percent ethyl alcohol or 75% isopropanol highly effective in hygiene and saves a lot of time compared with soap and water. With the hand sanitization solution provided the other contribution in regards with HAI is CAUTI infection. According to the study, in 30% to 50% of the patients that were inserted with a catheter tube, it was found that the catheter infection was not medically indicated. Hence caregivers should ask twice before recommending a catheter and more importantly the time for its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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