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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Guidelines Author’s Name Institution Introduction Nursing research is a cardinal field in fostering evidence based practice (Polit & Beck, 2010). An apt methodological design is necessary for the success of a nursing study…
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: Research Ethics and Research Process Components: Problem, Question and Literature Review
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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Guidelines Introduction Nursing research is a cardinal field in fostering evidence based practice (Polit & Beck, 2010). An apt methodological design is necessary for the success of a nursing study. Additionally, it is also imperative to attain the ethical requirements in such a study (Greenhalgh, 2010). This paper summarizes a qualitative research by Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian and Alavi (2012), and elaborates on how ethical considerations are met by the researchers. The paper explores the various study sections including the background, methods of study, results and ethical consideration. The implications of study results to the nursing practice have also been detailed. Background According to the authors, studies have shown that nurses work under considerable stress. This can lead to failure in duties and health disorders. However, only a few studies have studied the life experiences of nurses in this field of occupational stress. Therefore, the qualitative study was conducted to clarify the stress factors in nursing experience. The study is significant to the nursing profession in that occupational stress within the field contribute to decreased efficiency. In addition, the stress increases occupational hazards within and out of the work environment. In view of these deleterious consequences, the study would enable the understanding factors surrounding job related stress, and provide and evidence base for tackling the various challenges. This would in turn improve the working condition and enhance job-satisfaction and performance. The purpose of the qualitative study was to evaluate the perceptions and experiences of nurses in the field of occupational stress (Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian & Alavi, 2012). Methods of Study The qualitative study was conducted by the use of content analysis. The study population consisted of nurses of hospitals affiliated to a Medical Science University. The sampling was carried out until there was data saturation (when the investigator could not achieve new codes). The study participants had at least 2 years of experience with no history of mental illness. This formed the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria. A total of nineteen participants were enrolled for the study (Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian & Alavi, 2012). The main data collection method utilized was open, semi-structure interviews. In the interviews, the nurses were asked to describe their normal day routine. They were then asked to express their perception and experiences pertaining to all levels and types of job stress within the nursing profession. The interviews were recorded on a MP3 device. In the same day of data collection, the data was transcribed word by word. Content analysis was used for data analysis according to the Krippendorff method (Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian & Alavi, 2012). The fundamental processes in Krippendorff method include unitizing, reduction and sampling, inference and data interpretation (Polit & Beck, 2010). Results Experiences and perceptions of the nurses were placed in three main categories: perception of occupational stress, prioritizing career over family life and professional interest. In the perception of occupational stress, nurses felt that they were in a constant alarm situation. The unpredictable and severe changes in patient health status were among the most notable stressful experiences faced by the participants. Workplace bitter events and excessive workload further compounded the intensity of the stress. Based on their experiences, the following factors were identified as major stressors for nurses: nurses’ shortage, lack of experience, poor social status, colleagues’ poor relations, irregularities in the organization and patients’ condition. The priority of work on personal life and family was also noted as a source of occupational stress (Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian & Alavi, 2012). The findings of this study will serve to inform hospital authorities on the points to address in order to decrease occupational stress. This will enable the improvement in relations between the nurses and management ranks. The findings also put pressure on the administration to ensure a conducive environment for the nurses. Further, the findings will enable decision makers to ensure ways to improve the social status of nurses. Henceforth, the results will serve as an evidence base for informing practice. The stressors cut across various issues pertaining to the nurses. The issues stem from nursing education, through orientation and finally in practice. Nursing education should be curtailed to equip the nurses with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude needed to deal with the stressors (Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian & Alavi, 2012). Ethical consideration The study was conducted after obtaining approval from the University Ethics Committee. Informed consent was obtained from the participating nurses. The consent form overviewed the study process, in addition to measures to protect the participants. Permission was also obtained from hospital authorities to allow the participation of the nurses. The participants were ensured for keeping their names and information detail confidential. Information regarding the participants was kept confidential, and later codes were assigned in place of names. Therefore, the confidentiality of participants was observed (Bath & Watson, 2009). Additionally, the researchers also took measures to ensure the freedom of participants. Participation in the study was voluntary. Additionally, the participants were free to withdraw anytime from the study. Written consents for recording the interviews were obtained (Adib-Hajbaghery, Khamechian & Alavi, 2012). Conclusion The qualitative study summarized has been executed in a methodical and concise manner. It has also addressed issues to do with research ethics in an elaborate manner. The study has uncovered the factors that influence on occupational stress in the nursing field. This will in turn help policy makers, hospital administrators in understanding the issues they need to focus with in order to foster proper working conditions and improve health care delivery. Reference List Adib-Hajbaghery, M., Khamechian, M. & Alavi, N. (2012). Nurses’ perception of occupational stress and its influencing factors: A qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Midwifery Res. 17 (5), 352-359. Bath, P. & Watson, A. (2009). Need for Ethics Approval and Patient Consent in Clinical Research. Stroke 40(5), 1555-1556. Greenhalgh, T. (2010). How to Read a Paper. The Basics of Evidence-based Medicine (4th ed). Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell Polit, D. & Beck, C. (2010). Essentials of Nursing Research: Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice (7th ed). Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Read More
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