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Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack - Literature review Example

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The purpose of this review "Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack" is to analyze the research by Esmond, Butler, and McCormack conducted in 2006. The research project aimed to compare intravenous antibiotic therapy for adults with cystic fibrosis in a hospital and home setting…
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Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack
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Extract of sample "Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack"

Download file to see previous pages Esmond et al., do a good job of comparing, evaluating, and presenting the relevant data as they establish the need for further research on the subject of whether it is more beneficial to allow adult cystic fibrosis patients to self-administer a regimen of i.v. antibiotics or to require them to obtain such treatment in a hospital.
Ethics. Medical research ethics are of utmost importance, and it is “of particular interest to understand how such researchers go about the task of defining ethical research within their sphere” (Daly, 1996, p. 51). The ethics of Esmond and her team are consistently in line with established practices, and obtaining approval from the Local Health Authority Research Ethics Committee before conducting the research (Esmond et al., 2006), p. 55), was compliant with the standard protocols, as “studies that involve testing or observation of people must be authorized by an institutional review board” (Orentlicher, 2005, p. 25). There was no coercion or influence exerted upon the study participants and potential participants were volunteers who were pre-screened to ensure sufficient lung function and clinical suitability. Patients were provided with a framework to assist them in determining their suitability for self-management of acute respiratory infection, ensuring a good mix of those who preferred the hospital option with those who did not. Further, the participants were selected in consultation with the cystic fibrosis team which ensured that the i.v. antibiotic therapy was being used as a bona fide treatment modality rather than simply a symptom control for terminal patients. Finally, the privacy of the participants was controlled through the assignment of a number that was used throughout the process. In terms of professional ethics, it would be hard to imagine a more circumspect study than that considered here. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack Literature review, n.d.)
Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack Literature review.
(Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack Literature Review)
Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack Literature Review.
“Research Critique: Esmond, Butler, and McCormack Literature Review”.
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