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Effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry - Research Proposal Example

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Effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry Contents Contents 2 Title 3 Introduction 3 Theoretical framework 4 Proposed methods 5 Reflections 6 Timetable 7 References 8 Title The main idea of the research proposal is to explore the underlying problem areas in the organization through an unconditional and positive inquiry…
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Effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry
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Extract of sample "Effectiveness of Appreciative Inquiry"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction The main objective of this research is to explore the best and unexplored potential in the people and the existing system of the local Qatari transportation company and its surroundings in order to solve the underlying problems and obstacles in strategic operational areas. The changing systems within and outside the local Qatari transportation company are required to be studied in order to explore the underlying deficiencies in the area of operation of the transportation company through the process of unconditional and positive inquiry. The three important research questions that would be considered in the appreciative inquiry of the local Qatari transportation company are given: RQ1: How can Appreciative Inquiry prove to be effective? RQ2: What did Appreciative Inquiry hope to achieve? RQ 3: According to different stakeholders, were the anticipated goals achieved? The addressing of such areas of deficiency would help to fix the underlying problems in an efficient way that was never thought before. Theoretical framework Appreciative Inquiry is a method of conducting an inquiry through the framing of a questionnaire and asking such questions to the stakeholders of the organization in order to search for the underlying problems and difficulties in the areas of operation, finance, human resource and associated areas. The objective of appreciative inquiry is to identify the areas of deficiency of the organization through unconditional positive statements and then analyzing the collected information through inquiry in order to determine the organizational deficiencies that are required to be solved. Appreciative inquiry studies the changing internal and external conditions involving the people, process and the communities and also explores the best potential of the organizational components that have never been explored and could be used to solve the organizational deficiencies. The art and practice of asking positive questions in an appreciative inquiry which is the subject of the research question enable the organization to anticipate the areas of concern and increase the positive potential in order to cope up with the problems. The identification of the areas of organizational concern and the exploration of the best potential of the resources in the changing systems of the organization helps to increase the operational efficiency (Tiem and Rosenzweig, 2006, p.88). For example, in the local Qatari transportation company appreciative inquiry hopes to achieve performance efficiency by using the unexplored potential of the people and the process as well the external supporting systems for the organization. The appreciative inquiry lays the foundation for fulfillment of the anticipated goals for the shareholders. Appreciative inquiry brings about sudden changes in the process for improving operational efficiency that were never envisaged before the inquiry. Proposed methods The proposed method of conducting the research includes collection of data with the help of a designed questionnaire. In the paper qualitative research methodology has been selected mainly because it is less time consuming and less costly. The data required for quantitative analysis may be flawed and this will not lead to flawless conclusion. The questionnaire would contain unconditional positively framed questions which focus on the research perspective of appreciative inquiry. The data would be collected through self administered questionnaires with 50 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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