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Change at DuPont - Research Paper Example

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The change expected from this approach is dependent on the practitioner, and the effective organizational change, in turn, stems from individual change that ultimately…
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Change at DuPont
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Extract of sample "Change at DuPont"

Changes at DuPont Question The organizational development (OD) system or tradition is an approach aimed at arriving an intervention. The change expected from this approach is dependent on the practitioner, and the effective organizational change, in turn, stems from individual change that ultimately increases effectiveness. Appreciation inquiry roots itself into maximizing the social potential of a given social system through appreciation, from observation. The change in this case must be collaborative, provocative and applicable to the setting of the organization. This system is rooted in observation of the best at present, logically describing future ideals, decision making through collaboration, dialogue, and experimentation for proof. Sense making, on the other hand, utilizes meta-theoretical assumptions analytically to arrive at a workable theory.
Question 2
As a change manager, I would analyze the assumptions from sense making to arrive at a substantive theory that is both logical and effective. Further, I would put this theory to the test to appreciate its attributes from observation and experimentation. Finally, with all the facts, I would invoke a practitioner-driven system of arriving at an intervention that facilitates change. This would prove effective; especially when all the due steps are in place.
Question 3
At the wake of the closure of Orlon plant, I would first halt the process of stopping one project to aid the other. Such rush decisions hurt in the long run. Instead, I would introduce the existing management to new ideas that would aid in the healing process. In this way, the focus could shift from improving the effectiveness of the organization to the plant itself. Further, I would try ensuring that there is a definite mechanism of monitoring and developing the strengths of the plant, call on staff to appreciate the strengths and aid in their development. In addition, motivating the people would go a long way in improving their attitude, productivity and offloading the pressure that comes with foreclosure.
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Hassard, J. (eds.) The Routledge Companion To Organizational Change (pp. 87-103).
Oxford, UK: Routledge.
Dervin, B. Sense-Making Methodology Site [Web Page].Accessed 2013 February 16.
Available at:
Helms-Mills, J. (2012). Making Sense of Organisational Change. Oxford, UK: Routledge,
Taylor & Francis Group. Read More
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Change at DuPont Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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