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DuPont - Essay Example

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DuPont is a science company that delivers science-based solutions in food and nutrition, health care, and apparel; as well as home and construction, electronics, and transportation. The company was founded in 1802 and operates in more than 70 countries as of 2003…
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Extract of sample "DuPont"

Download file to see previous pages DuPont was not able to adopt right away but because of the need to make steps to cope up with the competition, DuPont introduces the new stainmaster carpets and it become one of the most popular commercial in television. For most of its history, the residential segment had been the most laid back segment of the carpet market. Styles tended to be simple, colors passive, and features uniform across all competitors in the industry. Technically, industry players maintained that differences did indeed exist, but in the words of one industry analyst, "The differences were there in style and fiber quality, but the housewife out shopping for carpet didn't really know or care-she only liked what she could see and feel." As such, DuPont wondered if the styles and designs so popular in the commercial segment could be transferred to the residential segment. Was the average household willing to make carpeting more than just a backdrop for other furnishings If the program were to be successful, it would mean several things: further differentiation from other nylon. The decision of the company adapting to a new technology has been a good move but it also become a decision problem. The company has come up with question that can be answer by a good marketing strategy. Although the advertisement in TV has been successful the consumer usually doesn't care about the style and fiber quality instead they liked what they could see and feel.
Problem Definition
Defining the problem is the single most important step in the market research process. A clear statement of the problem is a key to a good research. A firm may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars doing market research, but if it has not correctly identified the problem, those dollars are wasted. In our case it is obvious that the problem here is that, will the new stainmaster carpet will be as successful as their original carpet. But even if this is clear, you still need to know what exactly you need to know to make the new approach a success and what specific related to the product is difficult to find out. Problems that may be encountered are: it is unknown what potential markets there are, what customer groups are interested in your products, who the competitors are After formulating your problem, you need to formulate your research questions. What questions need to be answered and which possible sub-questions do you have. Dupont wondered if the styles and designs so popular in the commercial segment could be transferred to the residential segment. Was the average household willing to make carpeting more than just a backdrop for other furnishings With the problem or opportunity defined, the next step is to set objectives for your market research operations. Research objectives, related to and determined by the problem formulation, are set so that when achieved they provide the necessary information to solve the problem.
Research, Design and Methodology
Design is the activity involved in the development of an artifact or part of artifact from idea of manufacturing hand-off. Essentially, design is about fulfilling the human needs and particularly through the link of innovation, can make a real difference to quality of life. In DuPont, they have welcomed the new technology by introducing their new product line which is the Stainmaster carpet. It has been successful in the television ad but was not really able to penetrate the household. The company should be able to tell ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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