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Leadership Strategies for Success: Following the Concept of Effective Communication Name (University) Abstract The paper is an analysis of literature on effective communication. It utilises thematic content as a basis of the arrangement of material. One of the commonest themes in the articles was the need to recognise context…
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Leadership Strategies for Success: Following the concept of effective communication
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, it was found that barriers to communication were also addressed in these articles. Many identified culture, interruptive behaviour and environmental conditions as common barriers. Recommendations were made for leaders who want to promote effective communication. Leadership Strategies for Success: Following the Concept of Effective Communication Introduction Communication in nursing is a vital part of daily life, yet it is often disregarded as trivial. Given the dire consequences of failed communication, one cannot afford to have this attitude. Communication is the means with which groups foster trust amongst each other. It is also a learning platform for practising professionals as well as students in preparation. Without adequate communication, goals would be impossible to achieve. Definition of effective communication Effective communication is the awareness of the different ways of communication, the appropriate selection of these methods in accordance with one’s situation, and the correct handling of barriers to communication. Information conveyers have plenty of tools at their disposal for communication (Evans et. al., 2008). They may use oral or written forms and may also alter their body language, intonations to share their ideas. However, because each individual has a different perspective concerning something, then effective communication can only arise when conveyors and recipients discern these differences and respond to them appropriately. Review of literature Organisation of material This review will be organised according to thematic content. A number of similar ideas are prevalent in current literature on communication. These themes reverberate across research conducted in different fields. Some of the analyses were conducted in agriculture; others in medicine while others apply to education. The literature review will mention the time in which the articles were written but will not pay attention to chronological patterns. Instead, focus will be on similarity in content. Additionally, the research methods employed in some of these researches will be mentioned but will also not be the focus of the analysis. Recognising context As mentioned in the introduction, effective communication occurs when the information conveyor uses the right form and method of communication. This choice is dependent on the context of both the conveyor and recipient of the message. Literature on effective communication stresses the need to acknowledge context. In this case, the most relevant context is that of the recipient. Information conveyors need to customise their communications to suit their target audience. Sometimes this entails understanding and incorporating the belief system of the recipient. Hipkins et. al. (2012) carried out an analysis in New Zealand where they sought to investigate the relevance of people’s belief in science and its implications on effective communication. The analysis found that the public could either have a common-sense belief system or they could have a scientific orientation. Usually, when one held the common sense belief, then they normally distrusted science. If researchers intend on communicating with them about certain findings, then they must frame their information in a manner that suits this common-sense beliefs. Most researchers insist on using their frame of thought even when this does not resonate with their audience. As a result, they have become ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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