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An effective commuication strategy- A case study of kantar - Essay Example

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An effective commuication strategy- A case study of kantar
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Extract of sample "An effective commuication strategy- A case study of kantar"

Download file to see previous pages The study is aimed at analysing effective communication strategy within an organisation that helps the employees in enhancing their satisfaction level. In this tough economic situation of credit crunch, where companies are shutting down or employers are holding the torch for price cut and staff-cut, it is really phenomenal for a company to grow and creating its solid start by entering into a competition of top companies to work with. August 9, 2007 is the official beginning of the credit crunch and economic meltdown on such a big scale shook the world. Since then, every day we hear the news about job cuts, many big companies have been impacted by this fiscal situation in the UK. But there are other companies, which are making profit even in this gloomy economic situation. Companies such as comfort food companies, coffee shops and baby fashion stores, have been benefitted throughout the recession period. Like many other companies there is another company that has grown its business and employees have been associated with its success.
The findings section gives the report of what was collected on the ground regarding communication strategy significance in Kantar Company. The company deals with research and marketing programs. In this section analysis of survey questions is done quantitatively via the use of pie chart presentation. Each question response is converted into percentages. It also highlights that thirty six employees of the Company were interviewed. Out of the thirty six, thirty were junior employees whilst six were senior employees of the company. The conclusion gives summary of what was found on the ground. 40
Communication purpose is to express ideas between minds. For it to be effective and efficient, individuals need to receive and send mails effectively. A variety of media is needed typically or in isolation by an individual in order to transmit their messages. The wide range of media available are such as body language, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Effective Commuication Strategy- A Case Study of Kantar Essay.
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