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Group Analysis - Essay Example

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GROUP DYNAMICS AND COMMUNICATION WITHIN GROUPS by Author’s Name Name of Class Name of Professor Name of School City, State 29 September 2013 Introduction Being a part of a group can be termed as human nature. It is almost impossible to find a human being who lives their entire life in isolation separated from the rest of human kind…
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Group Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The work environment also teems with groups, either of friends or groups put together to facilitate the achievement of a specific organizational goal. The next stage in life is to form families of their own which are also groups with the cycle beginning all over again. Almost all activities carried out by people are done in groups, making them a core element of study with relation to understanding human behaviour. According to Forsyth, groups have long been the subject of interest to both researchers and scholars (2006). Extensive studies have been carried out with regard to how groups are conceived and how they are later dissolved; this includes how they are transformed and how they are used to either realize set aims, or how they can be used to execute offenses (Forsyth 2006). This paper discusses group dynamics and communication within a group of first year undergraduate nursing students’, participating in a peer-led team learning group. I participated in a peer-led team learning group in my first year as a nursing student; therefore, this assignment is an overview of my observations of the group. The use of peer learning is a practice that has been adopted in many universities worldwide, as a means to improve students understanding of concepts through supportive discussions that take place in small groups, and where the discourse encourages as many questions as there might be, from students (Peer-Led Team Learning 2013). It is a fact that most students feel free around their fellow students, rather than around their lecturers and professors. This makes them more inclined to discuss concepts and questions with other students, than with a lecturer or professor. Peer-led team learning holds the strengths of being a method that enhances student engagement and motivation in learning, as well as overall performance (Centre for the Study of Higher Education 2002). This is due to the fact that in the process, students learn to communicate effectively as they work in teams, while peer leaders gain self-confidence, learn a number of group management skills, and how to teach. In this context, students were requested to band themselves into groups of four. Two peer leaders (i.e. group leader and assistant group leader) for each group were then selected from third and fourth year students, who had displayed exemplary performance in class. As a way of equipping them with the necessary skills, the peer leaders were taken through brief training mainly focussed on how to handle groups. When this was set, each group was given a structured problem to solve. According to the guidelines, each group was required to meet twice every week, and members were given the privilege to choose the best time for their discussions. Description of Peer Leaders and Group Members Characteristics and Behaviours 1. Tom (Group leader) He is a fourth year nursing student. He is firm, confident, and resourceful. His resilience and optimism helps him conquer complex problems. He also has a very open minded approach to things. He is however quite poor in time management since he often comes late for the discussions, and is usually late to meet deadlines. His lack of respect for time and set deadlines is at times considered as lack of respect towards the assistant group leader and group members. 2. Olivia (Assistant group leader) She is a third year nursing stud ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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