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Running Head: nursing All DP- CH-1 [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] CHAPTER-2 LITERATURE REVIEW The chapter presents an overview of the rise in the numbers of South Asian women suffering from diabetes in Los Angeles County…
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Download file to see previous pages The chapter also deals with the theoretical framework in order to deal with the diabetes issue among South Asian women. For this purpose, Precede Proceed Model will be discussed in length in order to form a systematic approach that will further help in identifying ways of mitigating the impact of diabetes among South Asian women in a rationale manner. There is no doubt that social, cultural, economic, and political factors affect the well being of individuals and the chapter will analyse the impact and influence of all these factors in a critical manner. This will further help in ascertaining the impact and influence of internal and external factors in a systematic manner. Data for this purpose will be collected mainly from, Nutrition journals, American Journal of Epidemiology, Diabetes Care journals, and Pub Med. The main concept for data search is based on ascertaining the rise of diabetes among South Asian women, internal and external factors affecting diabetes, socio-economic factors, cultural factors, and genetic and biological factors. The researcher believes that analyzing and assessing the above mentioned literatures will help in dealing with the research topic in a systematic and critical manner. Moreover, this will help in accomplishing the purposed major goals and objectives of the research in a significant manner. Overall, it can be believed that assessing social, demographic, cultural, and political factors through relevant literature will help in dealing with the research topic in a rationale and succinct manner. The next part of the discussion presents the theoretical framework that will further define the use of Precede Proceed Model in dealing with diabetes issue. Theoretical Framework The theory that has been used for analyzing the rise of diabetes among South Asian women is Precede Proceed Model. Precede Proceed Model is a health framework that helps policy makers, health planners, and healthcare professionals to analyze and design health care programs in an effective and efficient manner. This model helps in analyzing the quality of life and assessing healthcare needs in a rationale manner. The most important and fundamental assumption of this model is the active participation of audience in terms of defining their issues along with ascertaining short and long term solutions in a significant manner. This model states that health behaviour is determined by individual and environmental factors and thus educational and ecological diagnosis is conducted in a systematic manner. Educational diagnosis in the form of Precede includes, predisposing, reinforcing, enabling constructs, educational diagnosis, and evaluation while ecological diagnosis in the form of Proceed includes policy, regulatory, organizational constructs in educational and environmental development. The Precede framework was firstly introduced in early 70s with a view that treatment plan is dependent on the educational diagnosis of the health problem to develop intervention programs. The model is based on the notion that predisposing factors like knowledge, attitude, beliefs, self efficacy, and personal preferences in order to achieve personal desired healthcare goals and objectives. Precede Proceed Model gained immense popularity in the healthcare industry helping in developing intervention programs to deal with wide arrays of healthcare issues and problems. In the context of diabetes, it can be believed that the Precede Proceed Model has been proved as of great utility and importance in taking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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