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Literature Review [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Type 2 Diabetes: Identifying High Risk Asian American Subgroups in a Clinical Population The research was conducted to compare the prevalence and treatment of type-2 diabetes in South Asians and Non-Hispanic Whites…
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Download file to see previous pages The research was conducted by the National Institute of Health. The method for this particular research was kept very simple where three year cross sectional sample of patients’ electronic health records were accessed and analysed. The research analysed the health records of 21,816 Asians above the age of 35 years. Diabetes was analysed and classified through ICD-9 Codes, laboratory tests, and use of anti-diabetic medication (McNeely, Boyko, 2004). Afterwards, the prevalence of diabetes was analysed in a scientific manner. In terms of the result, it was found that age related prevalence ranged from 5-18% in women and the odds of diabetes in South Asian women were quite high. It was further found that the chances of diabetes were quite high in Asians compared to other populations (Ye, et al, 2009). The prevalence of diabetes was quite high in Asian women mainly because of their diet and lifestyle. Based on the results, it was concluded that the prevalence of diabetes is quite high among Asian women compared to other populations (Ye, et al, 2009). Though, obesity was not a major factor leading to diabetes but erratic lifestyle and diet was the major reason behind the prevalence of diabetes among Asian Women. ...
an and Pacific Islander Populations: A View from California The overall population of Asian Americans has been increasing at a rapid pace in the United States. Asian Americans include people from India, South East Asia, and Far East and comprise around 4.7% of the total US population. As per the National Health Survey, participants from Asian subgroups were asked questions on their understanding of diabetes in them and around 14% of Asian Indians reported to be having diabetes (Kanaya, et al, 2008).The method for the survey was kept simple based on the analysis of genetic, behavioral, and socio-cultural factors. It was found that in terms of the genetics, various participants suffer from diabetes because of the involvement of genes while many suffer from the insulin secretory defects. In terms of the behavioural factors, it was found that obesity is one of the major factors in diabetes and majority of participants were suffering from the obesity issues. Asian Indians and Filipinos were found to have more obesity issues. In terms of socio-cultural factors, it was found that low economic status was one of the major reasons behind the prevalence of diabetes (Kanaya, et al, 2008). In terms of the results, it was found that, demographic, socio-cultural, behavioral, and psychological factors play an important and major role in deciding the prevalence of diabetes among Asians. The chances of diabetes were supposed to be higher in South Asian women mainly because of their diet and obesity issues. Moreover, cultural issues like lack of physical movement outside the home and little awareness on the issue of diabetes were factors behind the rise of diabetes in Asians especially in South Asian women. Based on the results, it was concluded that the goals for diabetes prevention and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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