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A Metabolic Disorder Posing Serious Threat Worldwide - Literature review Example

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This paper aims to review existing clinical studies and literature involving the use of pregabalin and gabapentin in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. This paper seeks to determine if pregabalin is a better choice of treatment over gabapentin in the management of diabetic neuropathy…
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A Metabolic Disorder Posing Serious Threat Worldwide
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Download file to see previous pages Healthcare practitioners acknowledge neuropathy as among the most common and costly complications of both Type I and Type II diabetes.47 Diabetic neuropathy, which is characterized by progressive loss of nerve fibre integrity and function, may be grouped under two general types according to the anatomical distribution of damage: diffused or focal neuropathy.8 Diffused neuropathy, the most common, chronic and progressive type is represented by Diabetic Polyneuropathy (DNP) and Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (DAN).8 Focal forms of diabetic neuropathy include mononeuropathy, mononeuropathy complex, plexopathy, radiculopathy, and carina neuropathy. Although it covers a variety of forms, diabetic neuropathy in general causes continuous burning and painful sensation, ulcerations, restricted mobility and is associated with abnormal sensory functions such as allodynia (i.e. perception of pain from the non-painful stimulus).23,35,47 In fact, according to Rice et al (2001) diabetic neuropathy is the number one cause of non-traumatic leg amputations.35 The anticonvulsant, anti-nociceptive, and anxiolytic drug, gabapentin, originally developed for the treatment of epilepsy, is now a widely used pharmacological agent for the management of painful diabetic neuropathy.1,30 Gabapentin is a structural derivative of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).38 Studies have illustrated that gabapentin binds to alpha-2-delta subunits of voltage-dependent calcium ion channels, subsequently blocking central sensitization and occurrence of hyperalgesia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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