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Critical discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the newly qualified nurse Name: Course Instructor: Course Date: Introduction The purpose of this study is to explore and provide an in-depth analysis of the bearing and significance of the roles and responsibilities of newly qualified nurses…
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Critical discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the newly qualified nurse including Patient Group Directions and its ap
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion will essentially focus on the role of a newly qualified nurse in regard to delegation of responsibilities, and Patient Group Direction (PGD). Delegation in essence is the ability to pass to a willing and available second party the authority and responsibility to undertake a given task. As defined by the NPC, Patient Group Direction refers to administration or supply of licensed medicine in definite medical situations certified by a pharmacist, doctor or dentist. The essence of this study is to explore the connotations, significance and implications of these responsibilities of nurses while providing realistic and practical illustrations in professional practice. Of critical significance in health care provision are the associated professional, legal and ethical implications, of which this paper seeks to provide a comprehensive overview before arriving at a conclusive summary on prospects and professional development of a newly qualified nurse. Critical discussion on the roles of the newly qualified nurse The transition from college to professional practice presents a dramatic shift in experience and expectations. This then demands deliberate and timely skill and psychological preparedness to make a successful transition into professional practice. ...
These are prerequisites and indicators of the commitment and initiative of the nurse in both professional practice and personal development (Ellis and Abbott, 2010). In practice, a qualified nurse becomes part of intricate relationships involving colleagues, patients and the leadership of the institutions that employs them. The success of newly qualified nurses in professional and personal development is largely dependent on how the nurses handle their personal and professional relationships (Northcott, 1999). Healthcare care provision presents major responsibilities and challenges that demand not only professional competence but also excellent interpersonal abilities that enhance a mutually supportive and professionally enabling work environment (DOH, 2007). To be registered by NMC, the requirement is that a nurse be able to demonstrate the above skills and competencies with minimal supervision. It has, however, been acknowledged that newly qualified nurses may lack in practical experience and confidence to deal with the enormous challenges presented in health care provision (Glasper, 2010). To this end, the NMC acknowledges that new nurses should receive mentorship and supervision for at least four months in a transitional programme. The challenge faced by newly qualified nurses, as observed by Kennedy (2008), is further compounded by the unprecedented assumptions and expectations from older nurses that new nurses have what it takes in skill and expertise to meet the challenges of their new roles. Of more practical significance in a reflective and realistic perspective is that new nurses develop the ability to adopt and learn faster on the job. As acknowledged by Darley (2002), personal initiative and accountability of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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