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The Role of Nursing - Article Example

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Roles of state boards of nursing in the expanded role of the nurse over the past 10 years Institution Tutor 6th May, 2013. Roles of state boards of nursing in the expanded role of the nurse over the past 10 years All professions in the United States are required to have an authoritative board that oversees their activities…
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The Role of Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The boards set the minimum competencies and qualifications such as academic qualifications, age and experience for practitioners in the professions. One of the reasons the nursing profession requires to be regulated and closely monitored is for the reason that the risk associated with the civic being attended to by unqualified or incompetent practitioners. The boards therefore only offer the licenses to competent and qualified nurses who have met the minimum set qualifications. Because the public may not identify unqualified practitioners or the irregularities, they may be vulnerable to exploitation from unprofessional practices (Shirley, 1998). The state nursing boards ensure competence in the nursing practice through regulating license issuance, entry into the profession, disciplinary action and license renewal. The duties and responsibilities of state nursing boards are defined by the law makers so as to protect the public from unsafe nursing practices. The establishment of state nursing boards ensures that the stake holders in the nursing practice are competent enough and that they meet all the requirements as per the regulations (Shirley, 1998). State nursing boards of nursing are agencies formed by the governments to regulate the nursing practice in the state. ...
The state boards of nursing are also involved regulating the nursing practice through licensing all the nursing operations in the state (Allen, 2011). The board issues the nursing license only if they are qualified to safe nursing. After the issuing of the licenses, the state nursing boards continue monitoring the nursing practice where be if unsafe practices are identified the licenses will be reclaimed and legal actions taken. The roles of the board in the nursing involve employing and registering nurses and inquiring on irregularity cases by applying the set discipline procedures. The state nursing boards are required to report to the state administrations such as the governor of the state and the state agencies (Staunton & Mary, 2007). The state boards of nursing are allocated the authoritative powers to make decisions on the nursing practice as well as registering all the qualified practitioners in the nursing sector. The board also has the powers to take disciplinary actions against unsafe nursing practices (Allen, 2011). Some of the authoritative powers that the nursing boards are allocated involve developing standards of safe nursing, licensing and developing organizational rules and regulations. The nursing boards have also been allocated the powers to approve or disapprove the nursing and health care educational programs offered in colleges and universities. All the nursing practitioners are therefore responsible for understanding all the nursing regulations and applying them in practicing safe nursing. The development of the policies and structures governing the nursing is also the responsibility of the nursing board. The primary legislation is made up of the rules which make up the standards. The primary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Nursing Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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