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Critical analysis of the potential challenges that newly qualified children's nurse might face - Essay Example

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Name Surname Professor Name Subject 2 December 2011 Potential Challenges Facing the Newly Qualified Children’s Nurse Introduction: The role of the nurses can be understood to be significant in the treatment of any individual. When the treatment is associated with small children, the responsibilities of the nurses are even greater (Pillitteri, 1036)…
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Critical analysis of the potential challenges that newly qualified childrens nurse might face
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Download file to see previous pages This implies that the nurses responsible for the nursing of children have greater stress and greater challenges to encounter as they have greater responsibilities. Enhancing the focus of the study in this context, it can be realized that children’s nurses who are newly qualified are encountered with greater number of challenges while they perform their roles of taking care of a small child. The initial years for the children’s nurses in their career have been observed to be under the influence of tremendous stress (Kirpal, 72). There are several conflicts in the minds of the newly qualified nurses when they enter an organization and start working. These conflicts are associated with the different values and cultures that the individual organizations follow, their disciplines, and the given responsibilities (Nash, Lemcke & Sacre, 49). A qualified nurse is expected to perform her responsibilities with professional expertise and involve leadership roles, maintenance of standards, take decisions based on ethics and justice, consider responsibilities sincerely as well as convey lessons to others (Burton & Ormrod, 1-2). Out of the several challenges that the newly qualified children’s nurses might have to encounter, the present study would discuss on three primary issues related to time management, leadership activities, and accountability of the nurses. Thus the study focuses on the above mentioned three key issues and discusses the effects of these potential challenges on newly qualified children’s nurses, trying to provide with some probable recommendations as well. Newly Qualified Children’s Nurses: Nursing is a highly challenging job and requires significant competency among the qualified nurses (Duffy, Dresser & Fulton, 15). Once the nurses have completed their courses they are eligible to become registered nurses. Thereafter it is essential that these nurses are prepared to perform their roles efficiently. The environment in which they work, the nature and pressure of the work, the organization’s expectations from them, the understanding of the rules and disciplines of the health organization the nurses are associated with, managing the health of patients, the small children having severe diseases and getting associated with the work culture with due responsibility, are some of the factors that are highly significant and might require support for the newly qualified children’s nurses (Chung, Wong & Cheung, 410). As soon as a newly qualified nurse joins an organization, she is supposed to take few weeks before she has all the responsibilities to be performed by her. These roles include following other nurses to understand the performing arts, undertaking responsibilities of patients, and incorporating the basic roles in their work like proper communication, hygiene, maintaining privacy and decorum, managing stress, safety, proper nutrition and suitable environment of patients (Hole, 24-26). Thus it can be realized that newly qualified nurses have greater responsibilities not only in terms of performing, but as well as in learning and becoming expert in the field of their roles and duties. This is turn can be understood to create potential challenges, as discussed later in the report, that are required to managed efficiently by the nurses to overcome all barriers and gain success in their achievements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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