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Underpinning Management and Management of Change in the Early Years - Essay Example

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The objective of this paper was to examine, critically analyze and describe factors influencing early years settings management provisions. Relevant texts and theories will be considered in this discussion to examine management issues in early years setup…
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Underpinning Management and Management of Change in the Early Years
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Extract of sample "Underpinning Management and Management of Change in the Early Years"

Download file to see previous pages According to Miller & Cable (March 2010), managers endorse an effective communication system for providing information to diverse audiences in understandable and a clear manner. Delegation roles underpin their performance. They pass responsibilities to the appropriate team members and supervise the tasks assigned in a more efficient and sensible way. Effective managers in the early years setting perform and understand the technicalities of budget management and financial probity requirements. This is a financial awareness aspect. Managers perform leadership roles and strike a balance between the two. They articulate and identify collective vision, committed to the continued professional development, assess and monitor practice, and building a team culture for every practitioner (Miller & Cable 2010, p. 97). Moyles (2006) addresses that, in the early years set up, one qualifies to be a manager if he or she can be innovative and creative. A nursery manager is required to actively create and implement policies and understand a child’s development with regard to parenting. They are people who have skills and knowledge. Skills and knowledge help a manager to plan for the school resources, manage and supervise people in the setup. In addition, he or she should be a straight forward person of visionary and ability to hold responsibilities within the institution. By maintaining contacts with external and internal people ensures the goodwill of those people inside and outside the organization (Moyles 2006, p. 67). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Case Study (100%) Based on Their Visit to an Early Years Setting, Essay.
“Case Study (100%) Based on Their Visit to an Early Years Setting, Essay”, n.d.
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