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There are continuing debates which address the practical approaches and concerns about changes models, their impact on individuals and the organization, productivity and organizational performance. The way an organization defines change depends on what it envisages change to be, how it fits into the model of 'organization' in use and the theoretical foundations from which the model or definition model is derived…
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Change Management Plan Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Technology and innovative approaches to business are the main priorities of this company. In order to remain competitive and sustain its strong market position, CrysTel needs effective change models and leadership styles to support current improvements and innovations.
At the heart of the Management of Change as a subject is a series of claims about what causes change and what are the solutions for managing this change effectively. The claims of those who know what these solutions are can be simply and directly put, but are sometimes more general than they are specific about the definitions on which these claims rely (Eneroth and Larsson 5). Organizational objectives devolving into departmental goals and then finally embodied in individual key tasks that assumes hierarchy and a systematic world governed by targeted work for individuals who contribute to departmental targets. These departments work together to support the organizational objectives. Following Grant et al (2002) 'Effective change management is not just about the "hard" structural aspects of organizations, but also requires actions based on an in-depth appreciation of their cultural and human aspects' (238).
In CrysTel, Marketing and Sales departments suffer from low productivity and absenteeism, poor communication and lack of employee mentoring. Low motivation results in low productivity and high errors rates, poor morale and organizational culture. The difference lies in the active encouragement, which facilitates frankness about suspicions, attitudes and expectancies - not all of them positive. Beliefs that managers do not care are not exceptional in the organization. Opinions about stress and workloads having increased and the belief that terms and conditions are applied inconsistently are the beginnings of an agenda change that managers will need to address (Segriovanni and Glickman 98).
CrysTel's Marketing and Sales Departments need a strong leadership, effective conflict resolution and negotiation techniques. Goal orientation is measured as priority ratings on the organization's growth, yield, societal value, independence, and prestige. To assess values, managers are asked to identify the values in the corporate mission statement that they believe are brought into practice. If the department lacks communication and unity, it fails to perform effectively. The focal points of the organizational change are strategy and human resource management. The new strategy, labeled "vision," should be aimed to bring together expertise and improve the exchange of knowledge and expertise. This will imply new working processes and a new organizational structure. Key players in the vision process are the general management, the management of the departments and the appointed manager. During the ensuing change process, every staff member should be involved in the definition of the core values and purposes (Wright and Kitay 271).
The change can be defined as a change in core values and culture of the department. The new emphasis will be translated into desired new behavior. A central theme will be on positive and supportive atmosphere, mutual support and conflict management. Furthermore, as the organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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