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Critique of quantative research article - Essay Example

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Critique of Quantitative Research Article Name: Institution: The primary aim of this paper is to illustrate the study overview of a report carried out to assess the relationship between critical thinking and the overall performance of nurses in a clinical set up…
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Critique of quantative research article
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Download file to see previous pages In HFHS, the candidate is evaluated using their reaction to a human like a mannequin that responds to external stimuli like a real patient would. The study used two other evaluation methods to augment the results of VTV and HFHS in relation to critical thinking. These were the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI) and California Critical Thinking Skill Test (CCTST). CCTDI and CCTST join the link between physical performance and the mental capacity engaged in this type of response. The study aims at establishing if there is a link between critical thinking and the overall performance of a practicing nurse in the real world clinical situations. This is done by comparing the performance scores in HFHS and VTV assessments and determining if there is a relationship between simulations based performances and critical thinking. In the nursing profession, there is the need for a high degree of competency in handling medical situations and emergencies. How a nurse responds to a situation is meaningful for a patient’s recovery or their demise. The proper identification of a problem and the appropriate subsequent response to the problem is linked to how effective that person is at handling such situations, and it has been linked to a person’s state of mind. ...
The assessment of critical thinking through the use of question and answer methods fail to bring out the actual capability of a nurse in a real clinical situation. They do help to gauge their cognitive abilities, but do not show their level performance, in a practical scenario, where their actions and judgments are required immediately to save a life. The development of simulated assessment methods present a better method of assessing the performance of an individual, and it makes it easier for them to provide rationale, for their actions because simulations engage multiple sensory pathways making them dynamic, thus giving the nurse a variety of options to choose from, in regards to the one that is best suited for the situation at hand. Videotape vignettes (VTV) is an assessment method that requires a test candidate to watch a video where an actor assumes the condition of a patient suffering from a specific ailment and the candidate writes down how they would respond in such a situation and reasons supporting their decisions. In the assessment method of High fidelity Human Simulation (HFHS), the candidate is exposed to controlled experimental type scenario where a human like mannequin that can respond to external stimuli is programmed to mimic a person who is suffering from a certain ailment. The candidate’s performance is evaluated by gauging how they handle the ‘patient’ and what type of actions they initiate to mitigate the unfolding situation. To be able to gauge the critical thinking capacity of candidate accurately, these assessments are coupled to California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI) and California Critical Thinking Skill Test (CCTST) as a way of trying to create a link between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critique of Quantative Research Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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