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Increasing Proteins Levels amongst Patients Institution: Name: Date: PICOT formatted To determine if within a period of three months, patients with a low protein can increase their protein level by either giving them protein supplement they don’t like or by giving them protein shakes of their choice…
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Download file to see previous pages 1. To explore the attitudes and perceptions of patients in healthcare settings toward the options and support that they receive want to increase their protein levels; and To establish recommendations for future research along with implications for practice with regards to the training and support that is provided for medical practitioners in healthcare settings (Marshall, 2007). Literature Review Socrates once said. “There is only one good, knowledge and one evil, ignorance.”This thought should assist us in all what we do, particularly where our health is concerned. Several individuals don’t have any idea of how to maintain good health. When sickness is experienced, Individuals rely on medical practitioners for cure. What they fail to realize is that the cure comes from within. Nature has offered with wonderful immune system, and all we require to do is to take proper care of this internal healing force (Marshall, 2007). Several health stores are stained with the irony that few of their products are in reality healthy, from herbs of unknown utility and purity of dietary supplements capitalizing on current patterns in hair gain or weight loss. Several supplements are top sellers in the market. But a growing research body indicates that one doesn’t need protein supplementation unless you are an athlete having intense training or gravely ill as a result of starvation or any wasting disease which in this case will call for the need ( Marshall, 2007). The new studies emphasize the fact that the most compassionate thing about protein supplements is a waste of money. You reap little advantage and instead put yourself at risk for bone, kidney and heart disease. Medical researchers have warned against protein supplements for several years for the average individuals. But several sports trainers keep on pushing them on amateur athletes since they don't know any better (Creswell, 2003). Individuals need proteins when exercising, especially when they try to build muscles by weightlifting or through other forms of resistance training. The muscle building process involves muscle filament damages and rebuilding them, this calls for more protein (Marshall, 2007). A study published recently, in the journal Nutrition, reviewed more than one thousand adults at fifty ordinary commercial gyms and established that nearly ? of the men were using dietary supplements, largely protein powders, with no direction. None required protein, the researchers concluded (Roberts, Perryman & Rivers, 2009). Correspondingly, a smaller research study by a master's thesis by Martin Frechette from University of Montreal investigated the diets of elite athletes, in part of the Canadian Sport Centre Dietary Research Study. Above 90% of these athletes were using dietary supplements, on recommendation of friend or trainers; only 25% could clarify why they were using it; and of those utilizing protein supplements, above 80% already had enough dietary protein intakes (Roberts, Perryman & Rivers, 2009). Description of design Research Approach My study will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PRACTISE PROPOSAL Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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