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Why patient outcomes are improved when cared for on specialised Stoke Units - Essay Example

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Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of specialist stroke units, when compared to other medical care modes like speciality wards and general wards, on the outcome of patients that have undergone a stroke event.
Background: Stroke presents a challenge to…
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Why patient outcomes are improved when cared for on specialised Stoke Units
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Extract of sample "Why patient outcomes are improved when cared for on specialised Stoke Units"

Download file to see previous pages Advances in diagnostic aids and medical treatment have come to the aid of the treatment of stroke. Multidisciplinary specialized stroke units have evolved as a sequel to these developments. Specialized stroke units have demonstrated the capability of improving the outcomes of stroke patients.
Recommendations: Sound development of specialized stroke units as the means for treatment of stroke patients. Medical, nursing and therapist educational facilities to incorporate educational strategies to provide for the development of these members of the multidisciplinary specialized stroke unit. Additional research into is required into areas for which, evidence is currently not completely validated.
The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of specialist stroke units, when compared to other medical care modes like speciality wards and general wards, on the outcome of patients that have undergone a stroke event. A further aim of this study is to show that specialist stroke units provide better outcomes for stroke patients, as opposed to general wards or other speciality wards, by evaluating the outcomes of patients treated in stroke units as compared to speciality and general wards. The outcomes that would be investigated to provide clarity in the comparison of stroke units to general wards or other speciality wards would include mortality and disability rates, length of stay, development of complications, rehabilitation potential, cost effectiveness and patient satisfaction.
Around the world stroke is attracting more and more attention as a medical problem of growing dimensions. The attention is not restricted to the field of medical studies, but has also drawn the attention of the health authorities and the media. This is because stroke has a considerable impact on the socio-economic status of communities around the globe. It was initially thought that stroke was a problem of the western developed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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